Turning Desire Into Magic

Turning Desire Into Magic
By Bart Sharp

How can we take our desires and change them to the magic and magical occurrences of our life?

How much can you center the energy from your heart’s desire and apply it to your dreams every day?

It is one thing to desire something, but how can you become it as if it vibrates inside of you?

How much can you guide your consciousness and maintain your energy at a strong constant in order to direct it to your dreams?

Desire is the fuel for driving your ambition. What intensity can you apply to your dreams fueled by your greatest power source? It is a moment to moment awareness and discipline.

What is the ‘power source’?

You. Your thoughts, beliefs, actions and intentions. Your power is more potent when it is done in the spirit of fun, curiosity, wonderment and from heart-felt inspiration.

Consciousness and unconsciousness merge together easier in magical possibilities when our intentions are totally in sync with our actions. There is a special feeling when this occurs; the excitement of our desire is alive in this precious moment and we can capitalize on it and step fully into the opportunity. As a result of applying more focus, we open a fuller potential of the dream to occur as desire takes us beyond how the mind would create the idea.

Ideas can be a response from our heart being opened by our inspiration and enthusiasm. Our ego moves aside and we fall into the flow of life and as a result a bigger picture comes to us. Magic arises more easily when it is supporting something that is the cutting edge of our own evolution. If we wish for the magic of amazing ideals to appear in ourselves it is best to jump fully into the pool in a spontaneous way. Generally, our heart will be happy when in this kind of awareness.

The universe is in sync with the concept of a spontaneous creation that is lived in realities beyond the past, future, mind or ego. The whole nature of the cosmos is multiplicities of conscious energies moving in such numerous directions it is incomprehensible to the mind. When we can tap into such a grand design of consciousness and tune into its frequencies; generating great ideas comes spontaneously fast. If we are enthusiastically living in our heart’s desire we will speed up our consciousness to something more like the universe.

Is your desire in sync with such concepts?
What is the true speed of you?

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