To Live In Fear or Not Live In Fear

To Live In Fear or Not Live In Fear

By Bart Sharp

Fear is a choice we can live in everyday or we can choose something different. The first step is to step away from our programmed fear responses and learn to life detached from them. Challenges like our relationship with our current presidency can lead us into fear responses but it is so important to know we have a choice.

The feeling of safety to create my life in “carpe diem enthusiasm” took a serious blow two and a half years ago when the current administration come into office. My reaction was to go into a state of fear and shock that all was lost and the constant reminder of danger would be knocking at my front door. This was a big opportunity because everything I had learned about fear was fear was an illusion. But how do I live in practice to this when there is so much evidence of misdeeds done by our leadership?

First and foremost I have chosen to live each day as my choice instead of what the fearful mind would guide me to do. This statement mostly applies to my thoughts in that I do not have buy the tragedies of this time more than my creations. True I read the stories in the news, absorb them and do things that I can do as my part of being the proactive change. Then on the other side it is my time to be this fabulous creator, living in an enthusiastic life.

The more I can look fear straight in the eye, see it for what it is I have the opportunity to no longer resist it. In this state I am not giving it an energy in resistance and I can apply that energy elsewhere. Those who are fearless meet fear straight on, desire to know it for what it is and give it the response needed to not be the affect of it. Then move on to living this great life.

In this attitude I contribute to a greater consciousness because my vibration influences others, they may see me to be inspired and my vibration contributes to the growth of the greater collective consciousness. I keep on working, playing and creating for something greater than me in a variety of ways.
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