The Carpe Diem Attitude

The Carpe Diem Attitude

By Bart Sharp

Carpe Diem means seize the day, the more we live in a carpe diem state of mind we create life totally differently than most people.

I meet so many people who spend much of their time avoiding sickness, they eat the right things to have good health, exercise to be strong but the intention is more reactive to “I am scared of becoming ill (or unhealthy, old)”. The best medicine for health is not a diet, substance or routine but is your willingness to eat life up with your full vitality.

As children we know this, we wake up everyday wondering what adventures can we have and how much we can playful make our live fun and interesting. We move forward in each day in a carpe diem attitude (AKA Seize the day!) looking for discovery as it is in human nature. How far can we leap up in enjoyment?

As adults we may have forgotten the carpe diem attitude and no longer awaken with enthusiasm. How do we get back to that state of being? To begin it is one step at a time, because we are trying to return what children intrinsically knew as a huge desire to curiously explore life and play in it. As adults this new carpe diem perspective is not acting childishly but finding what activities open us to enthusiasm, curiosity and wonderment. For some they may have great play skills but other areas they feel more restricted, too serious for whatever rationales they have. However, there is not a rule saying that things we are required to do as adults, as workers or as professionals cannot have elements of curiosity, fun and enthusiasm.

This is the real trick, to turn as many things around as possible where we enjoy all of life. Misery and suffering are learned behaviors that drain us to a vibration that is similar to illness so therefore we fear sickness just as we wish we did not have so much of life doing unattractive activities.

Carpe diem attitude is not rebuilt in one day, it takes time. If we missed learning in our early years how to find what fascinates us, then practice it in as much of our daily life as possible, We can begin learning carpe diem again as adults. It is never too late in finding out what is fulfilling and jump into carpe diem attitude.
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