Resolving Repressed Anger

Resolving Repressed Anger

By Bart Sharp

The collective consciousness of anger is one of the strongest energies in the world. Almost everyone has experienced anger with some living in anger every day and others almost on a minute by minute basis. Some people spend much of their lives frustrated and express their dissatisfaction through angry aggressiveness. It is how so many in the world function, if something goes wrong they get angry yet ironically as much as they experience anger they do not like it. In fact, they want to avoid anger or think that is as a highly undesirable emotion yet it is a big part of their lives.

All in all, there is very little allowance for anger for so many and there is little teaching of how to have a healthy relationship with anger.

Why is this so? People live in an unresolved state with their past expressed anger. There the anger sits in them with the hope from the individual that it never returns however the anger does return on a regular basis. We create a defensiveness to the anger and spend much energy repressing it.

The funny thing about this situation is the repressed anger does not want to remain stored away or repressed. It is trying to get out so we will see it for what it is and hopefully resolve what has been hidden away.

So repressed anger is always reappearing when we do not expect it and we do not desire it to appear. Yet it shows up again and again and again for many people with them not exactly knowing why it unfairly appears in particular moments.

In general, the repressed unconscious parts of us never go away. They will keep returning until we have learned our lesson. We spend immense amounts of energy trying to keep our emotions such as repressed anger hidden. It is kept away for so long we become used to it and we never really realize how much energy we used to repressed, unresolved parts until we transform them.

When we have done much work on anger and it feels for most part resolved grace opens inside of us, love is known more profoundly and we have an immense amount of more energy. Innate power that was holding the repressed anger in place arises inside of us and we can apply it to all we do and wish to develop.

At a point we see all the repressed anger as a gift because we see life on the other side of who we once were with the repressed anger. We can allow our past to be a blessed part of this, this angst taught us bundles and through the resolution of anger we can see lessons from more of a 360° perspective. A new form of wisdom emerges.

Think of your repressed anger not as something you hate but something to move forward through. Look for the opportunities of what it can teach you and contemplate those lessons. The gift you will receive is a lightness that would allow you to love your life more.
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