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Releasing The trauma of abuse FRONT CDIn the CD Releasing The Traumas Of Abuse by Access Consciousness Facilitator Bart Sharp, clear conscious and unconscious traumas related to various forms of abuse. This one hour CD is designed to release suppressed, energetic body memory related to the victimization and perpetration of abuse. The emotional effects of abuse that we have suppressed such as: anger, shame, guilt, fear, rage, regret that has become an unconscious resistance in our lives can be released permanently. Using Access Energy Transformation clearings the energetic body memory of abuse can be released forever. As a result we may experience changes such as: more energy, depression changed, a lighter perspective to old painful issues, illness’ transformed and more. This CD is not a replacement for the introspective, theraputic work that is a necessary component to resolve abuse issues but an added tool to assist in the healing process. Listening repetitively, actively or non-actively to Releasing The Traumas of Abuse can dramatically change your life. $20.00 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Clearing anger CD FRONTUse Access Consciousness CDs “Clearing Anger” to release deeper into your limitations over and over again in the comfort of your own home. This CD is approximately forty-five minutes of non interrupted clearings by Bart Sharp to release suppressed anger and rage within you.

The CDs are designed to clear a variety of considerations on a topic and as well as activate our consciousness to be greater. You can choose either an active or non-active listening approach to receive the benefits of the CD. Some people choose to listen to Bart’s soothing voice to put them to sleep. Regardless of the listening style these Access CDs create big results, changing your life permanently. $20.00 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

living a prosperous FRONT CDThe CD Living A Prosperous Life by Bart Sharp activates your body to receive more of everything that life has to offer. Using Access Consciousness statements we can release our unconscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions that tell us we are limited. We clear the way to have more in our life.

When most think of prosperity they picture money. Prosperity is a combination of many things such as; awareness, happiness, health, satisfying relationships and a rich inner world. Money and possessions come along with the many things that prosperity has to offer. This CD explores and clears out on a body memory level how we have turned down our awareness of all of what life has to offer us. In addition, Bart uses Access statements to activate our higher self to invite in a more prosperous life. This sixty minute CD can be listened to actively or non-actively on a regular basis to get the best results. It can even be used in your sleep.$20.00 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Being Free allergies CD FRONTThe CD Being Free Of Allergies by Bart Sharp uses clearings and tools of Access Energy Transformation to communicate to your body in order to release the toxins, that is the cause of allergies, in our cellular tissues and body. Bart dialogues with our body, lungs, lymphatic systems, heart, blood, nervous systems and brain to release the considerations it has to holding onto toxins in the body. Allergies are created from the air that we breathe, drugs we take and foods we consume. Using the Access clearings we can communicate to our body to process everything we take in much easier and efficiently. In addition this CD explores the emotions related to allergies as our body attempts to release emotions through allergic reactions. This sixty minute CD can be listened to active or non-actively regularly to get the best results. It can even be used in your sleep. $20.00 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Healthy messabe f body CD FRONTThe CD Healthy Messages For Your Body by Bart Sharp is a dialogue of Access clearings and activations for your body and unconscious mind to do everything easier and more joyful. Using the tools of Access Consciousness Bart activaties your body to create everything in your life in a greater way. All phases of life is addressed such as work, play, sleep, vitality, digesting, recovery from illness, exercise, cellular generation, body functions etc… This CD’s focus is about turning your energy up to a lighter vibration so that everything you do and are comes in an easier way. This sixty minute Access Consciousness CD can be listened to actively or non-actively. Recommended to be listened to multiple times.$20.00 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

letting go of the equation of pain FRONT CDLetting Go Of The Equation Of Pain In Love And Relationships, By Bart Sharp uses Access Consciousness clearings to let go of our unconscious beliefs that love is painful in our relationships. The CD begins unlocking our suppressed emotional memories of the creations of painful relationships. As a result of the clearings it enables us to see more clearly how we create dysfunctional relationships. It creates an opening for us to start to relate to others differently. This CD clears suppressed emotions that may create anxiety or stresses in our body when we relate to others. The result is a relaxing sixty-minute experience that can be listened to actively or non-actively multiple times. Many listen to the CD say it induces them to sleep and report it helps facilitate a deeper rest. $20.00 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Becoming a greater power FRONT CDThe CD, Becoming A Greater Power By Bart Sharp is an exploration through the use of Access Energy Consciousness of how we create our lives with less personal power. Being that power or potency is the ability to create our life and change our environment. The clearings move out limitations of how we created our self as smaller than others. It has clearings regarding the ways we sabotage and diminish our potency in manifesting the life that we desire. Becoming A Greater Power addresses our earlier concepts of what power is for a child in a general way, going back the emotional beginnings of the creation of our life. It also releases many of the suppressed emotions that influence our ability to create a dynamic life. The result is a relaxing sixty-minute experience that can be listened to actively or non-actively multiple times. Many listen to the CD say it induces them to sleep and report it helps facilitate a deeper rest. $20.00 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

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  1. Roxanne wilde Roxanne wilde
    July 17, 2015    

    Hi Bart I enjoyed your talk and clearing last night. I am interested in a personal session. Would you please give me more information in regards to a session?
    Roxanne Wilde

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