Bart Sharp
Energetic Healing Talents And Abilities

My primary focus is to help others release emotional limitations in their life. Everyone has emotions such as: anger, shame, fear, sadness held in the memory of their body and mind. My talent is to perceive those energies/emotions as the individual shares their experiences with me. I am able to perceive the deeper/est memories stored away in a person, to see what the original limitations are and then I’m able to release these stuck places in a person’s body.

I have worked with a variety of emotional based challenges stemming from: different kinds of abuse, bipolar disorder, depression, narcissism, addiction, unworthiness, abandonment issues, relationship issues and many others. When I work with people I listen to the messages their body is giving me as they tell me their stories. The body has held these limitations as well as our brain. We simply need to ask about the trauma then the body will do what it can to show us. My talent as I understand the “energetic oriented language” the body uses to describe our past experiences.

As these emotional traumas are discovered and are released people change. There is a certain lightness in the person and the issues that once triggered them into limiting behavioral/emotional patterns are gone.

Shamanistic Healings
Sometimes a traumatic memory is so overwhelming a part of the person has left their physical body. Incidents in their life such as an accident, physical abuse, emotional abuse, disappointments, repressed anger occurring from childhood or adult life were too much at the time of the incident and a part of the person’s spirit is no longer active within them. What is left in their body instead is the trauma of the experience, uncomfortably held in the body. Each time the person is stimulated by a similar experience like the trauma they are activated back into the past memory at some level. I do a shamanistic retrieval of the person’s departed spirit and the traumatic memory becomes resolved, the person is no longer the effect of their past. There is a feeling of wholeness in their life in relation to the limiting experience.

Physical Illness
Arguably, all physical problems and illnesses are psychologically or emotionally based. The illness is only an expression of what has not been resolved from the past. By resolving emotional problems we can find the basis of why illnesses cannot be healed, then with the emotional issue resolved the body can start the physical healing process.

Mom And Dad
Most limitations have origins in relation to our parents. We create the basis of who we are through our interactions with mom and dad. Using a combination of psychological principals, energetic clearings and shamanistic work the emotional patterns we developed from our family life can be transformed.

Past Life Clearings
Sometimes limitations were created before we’re born. They are considerations held from other past lifetimes. This happens particularly in some relationships having illogically irresolvable aspects. We wonder why we stay in a relationship but cannot disconnect from it may have an unsettled past life connection. If a relationship does not seem to make sense of why we are staying or why a specific limitation seems to be occurring and is unable to be straightened out there may be limitations from another lifetime as the source of the problem. Using the tools of Access Energy Transformation the limitations of past lives can be changed.

Core Limitations
Everyone has a core limitation that reminds them of their shortcomings. It is a central theme everyone possesses reminding them through out their life with an ongoing message such as: “You are less than others.” “I will always have struggle.” “Those who love me, leave me.” This central message evolves through the years with different people and situations but the same theme repeats itself in our relationships and as a message in our head. This is a negative force we work against everyday. Bart does energetic clearings to address this mechanistic creation and teaches tools so anyone can have more freedom with the most critical thoughts in their mind.

Learning Tools For Change
Transformation begins and ends with the client. Although Bart’s work is life changing the person who is the final catalyst for change is you. Bart always teaches tools and concepts to be practiced at home. Learn how to use energetic clearings to become your own best healer.

For many people the issue they would like to change most is their “prosperity consciousness”. People generally equate prosperity to money but the deeper issue is receiving. Can we really receive any and all aspects of life in areas of money, love, health and spirituality. Going to the core issues of receiving our selves and the earliest creations of when we began believing we cannot have our own greatness. Receiving us creates us as the great attractor factor to receive a greater prosperity.

Ghostbusting And Entity Removals
There is an invisible world of ghosts, entities and negative spirits amongst us, they are true and a real nuisance for some. In more extreme cases these spirits can create a negative presence in a home, be a dominating influence with a person and in worst cases etherically attack individuals. If you have an unexplainable spirit or adverse presence in a home, business or on a body it can be removed.

Sometimes the critical factor in removing a negative presence is binded to the person or place by a curse. Curses must be identified in how they were created as well as the dynamics of how they operate. Once they are seen for what they are, curses can be easily removed. Curses can affect our health, mental stability, concentration, the positive presence in a home and more. All can be changed immediately when the curse is removed.

Specialized Entities And Ghosts
On rare occasions a ghost is attached to a person and is assigned a specific job to a person such as: “Destroy this person.” The ghost spends the lifetime trying their best to debilitate this person. Although ghosts are generally not powerful, they can be a constant negative influence in a person’s life giving them messages they are limited or creating a obnoxious voice in the person’s mind. One person I met had a constant static noise in the back of their mind all of their adult life. When the assigned entity was removed their mind suddenly became quiet and the noise never came back.

Occasionally spirits invade a person’s world and become a dominating force in their mind as an unwanted voice or energetic presence appears. This happens on rare occasions to some people who are a novice channel and /or astral traveler. This spirit comes from another dimension to find a new place to inhabit as a false part of a person’s spirit and can become a dominate presence in someone’s life. These presences can be removed in most cases within one session.

The Unexplainable
Some limitations and/or illness are unexplainable. We do not know why we have them and it seems no one can help us. Sometimes the origins of these limitations exists beyond the logical, from another lifetime, dimension or a curse existing from a lifetime we have no reference for. Our bodies hold these memories and it takes an expert in listening to this subtle world. Dynamic changes can occur once the deeply repressed memories are discovered.

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