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Bart Sharp has been an Intuitive Healer for the past sixteen years using the tools of Access Consciousness, shamanism and psychological principals to help clients permanently release emotional traumas, blocks in relationships and help clients find a greater love within themselves. One of Bart’s special talents is his ability to perceive the traumas and emotional limitations within another person’s body as a cellular body memory. As a client verbally shares of their life their body is re-living the emotional memories. For example, if a person is expressing their dissatisfaction from a past situation their stomach may become inflamed. Bart facilitates a deep connection to the earliest origins of limitations and then uses healing tools to release, transform and awaken the person to a new freedom in their life. He is currently serving as President Of The Holistic Chamber Of Commerce.

Bart is able to:
Locate the energetic memory of a trauma in a person’s body,
Coach the client to be able to perceive it and then release it permanently.

Bart’s work has allowed him to discover how people suppress their deepest emotional pains and know the complex ways limitations are stored in the body.

He has helped people find a freedom from their painful patterns that they never thought was possible.
“Bart has an amazing gift to get to the core of the issue, whatever it may be.” Craig, Austin, Texas

Bart has helped people around the world using the tools related to Access Energy Transformation to dramatically change their lives.
“He created a space for me to have total allowance and presence for whatever is happening.” Pat, Austin, Texas

In his dedication to help others and transform his own life Bart has led a rigorous inner journey. He is a life long student in discovering his limitations and with others. As a result he has finely tuned his awareness, intuitive abilities and mental clarity.
Bart’s not a guru. Nor is he a preachy type. He isn’t someone who tells you what to do. In fact, I’ve never met a less judgmental person. He is humble, modest, yet fully aware of what a powerful human being he is. He will call a spade a spade, but never in a way that is less than kind.” Barbara, Austin, Texas

One of Bart’s greatest strengths is doing one on one private sessions. The advantage of a private session is an intense focus on what the recipient would like to change in their life. In just one hour’s time people have dramatically changed their lives.
“I’ve been fortunate enough to attend several of Bart’s Access classes. He masterfully works his way through each group to help us release blocks that we have. They have all been wonderful experiences always leaving me with a smile and a strong sense of delightful euphoria. But his anger class was on an entirely new level of intensity that I’ve never experienced before. It’s almost as if other sessions have dealt with symptoms while this one goes right for the heart.” Kevin, San Marcos, Texas

If you are wishing to change your ongoing problems and find a new way to create your life the tools of Bart and Access Energy Transformation can help you find what you are searching for. You will find that your past can be released to allow room for a deeper, more powerful self to come out.
The great person you know exists somewhere within you, can be present in your everyday life. 

If you are tired of talking about your problems and wish to start removing them permanently Bart can help you.
Please call USA +1 512 809 6807 or go to to schedule your appointment. Bart can work can work with you either in person or by phone/Skype/Zoom. Cost for an one hour session is $150.

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