No Walls, Just A Magical Life

No Walls, Just A Magical Life
By Bart Sharp

Every hardship can be turned into a magical transformation turn making our magical life into a reality.

Obstacles are easier to overcome if we have no resistance to them. In some ways those walls are lessons. We choose how we approach them. This planet is all about learning our infinite path through the physical limitations that confront us.

The greatest lesson for all of us to learn is to actualize our infinite spirit while in a body that is finite. The infinite is ready to appear but the limitations of such a fragile system is remaining in the way. The brain is a great example, it maybe the most complex organ in the universe yet we have not actualized all of how it can become.

How can we realize our great human potential?

Life can be a game we play with curiosity, wondering what we will become next. No matter what obstacle is in front of us we will not harden but remain fascinated. We can create a lighter possibility with wonderment without remaining in the dangerous, dense belief that our body or life around us is so restricted.

Why is this belief of growing to infinite can transform us true? When we are moving forward we are in the direction of transformation the spark of infinite-like space comes alive within makes us stronger. Being in the spark of change is our ongoing, minute to minute choice and the more we are on this edge the more we attract in magical ways. We feel the most alive in these type of states therefore life comes to us.

We may have decades to centuries of evolution before we become truly infinite in our bodies, yet in each moment we advance, the joy of progress enlivens us.

Like magic, the path of growing in infinite awareness is always changing and often comes in a disguise; what appears to be a wall may turn into one of our greatest gifts. When we resist the wall we could be closing down the chance of stepping into the next magical opportunity. Never face an obstacle with a negative attitude but ask what it has to teach you.

Live life in a questioning curiosity, issues will come, go and evolve. In this state of ongoing change, the magic will come to you.

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