My Daily Discipline

My Daily Discipline

By Bart Sharp

Our daily discipline do make a difference in our our own live’s and they do shape the world.

Coming up to my third month in France with my 6th year of spending my summer here. Some might say I am lucky and if they did this lifestyle all of their problems would not exist. This is not true because problems are created not by incidents but by attitudes. No matter wherever we are we choose contentment, gratitude and love it is not bestowed upon us.

I have found whatever paradise I create I can still wake up sad or fearful. I confront why the negativity exists, explore when it was created and do energetic clearings to move the repressed memories out of me. This is my own form of Yoga to confront any heaviness inside me, I have done it for over 10 years. It is a discipline worth doing. In this day and age we have to work at it in order to be joyful, it is so funny because in this society we have everything so we should be complete yet so many live in fear and unhappiness. Why? One of the frontiers so many have not explored enough is the world of our own demons. Like Carl Jung I believe the world will never know love and peace until they are at peace with their shadow.

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