Business Model

My Business Model

By Bart Sharp

We are part of something bigger on this earth. One of my core business values; every session I do is not only a dedication to the individual but knowing when one person expands more the greater whole of society, the world, expands a little more. The facilitation of more internal freedom in my client’s lives is the first priority, the creation of something greater in consciousness will occur as a result. It is a service of something greater than a business but a service to a higher awareness. In addition, the outcome of money is part of the process as when we give an energy we also receive.

My commitment is to give 100% of myself when working with someone, I make sure all of me is in the present moment in a safe, non-judgmental attitude as my practice.

I am less about promotion but rather attraction. I attract by continually exploring limitations in myself, others and in the world. It is a journey of an ever expanding spiral of consciousness that is an attracting energy. I avoid sensationalism through advertising myself bigger than life. In my humility I am a greater awareness that attracts a kind of power and people. The inner journey is my creative resource and guide.

My business is fun and fascinating, whether I am writing a new book, on United Public Radio Network with my show “Becoming Quantum Conscious” working with a client or developing a spiritual tour to SW France; I am happily developing what I believe is important. I lead in my own life and not follow others in guessing what I think I should be doing. Something deep inside me is my guide, my connection to the god within. Ultimately it leads me to the highest gift of consciousness I can receive: love, self love and the love to be of service to others. We all win when more people are more joyful and whole.

Greater Consciousness Through Emotional Transformation