Making The Next Spiritual Transformation

Making The Next Spiritual Transformation

By Bart Sharp

A spiritual transformation seems to happen in various stages of a person’s life when they diligently work on their own personal development. Your next spiritual transformation may occur spontaneously and unexpectedly while you have been setting your intentions and actions to growth for a period of time. The next big jump in your spiritual transformation may happen quickly and suddenly and when it is there you will likely feel a great sensation of joy and wholeness inside of you for an undetermined amount of time.

As a tour guide I have seen the transformations occur in people as they have attended sacred sites in the region of southern France known as the Lands Of Mary Magdalene. People come to discover the journey of the divine feminine and Mary Magdalene with the intention of a spiritual transformation.

The person may be doing deep psychological or spiritual work before the they were attending the sites themselves. For some there is an incident where their whole awareness awakens to a new level and it feels very ecstatically joyful inside of them. It is not the particular site that does the spiritual transformation but it is more of a vehicle for it to happen and the spiritual transformation is more accumulative as a result of the previous work. It is like blowing up a balloon that will finally pop, we may not know exactly when it will but eventually it is inevitable.

For one woman she went into a cave that is called The Caves Of Mary Magdalene. She went into what we call the feminine cave as I waited outside, when she came out in fifteen minutes she was transformed and had a spiritual transformation. It is hard to explain why this occurred but for this woman she had studied the teachings of Mary Magdalene and how Mary Magdalene has affected society for years. She had also done tons of psychological work as well as meditations to connect to her own divine feminine throughout her adult life. For her all of that work seemed to come to an epiphany while in the cave. Her spiritual transformation crossed over to a higher level in that short amount of time of fifteen minutes.

I had spent one summer doing shamanistic work to get in touch with my own aspects of my shadow. I had interacted with at least 75 shadow parts of myself over a period of three months. The work felt ecstatic at times and I knew I was growing tremendously but did not know how the next big jump would appear. It just felt good to do the work and I knew I was progressing. One day while in a meditation I fell into a place of the reality between asleep and awake, in this state I saw 13 white stars and 13 black stars in the sky. Suddenly the stars begin to move and before I knew it they had entered into my body. I jumped up from the couch and immediately felt that I was in a joyfully ecstatic state of light being. It was a strong sensation of a higher vibration of love strongly vibrating in all of me. I experienced this joyful state for 2 to 3 days before it began to integrate to become a more subtle part of me. The state of love never really went away as a spiritual transformation to the next level are always with us but eventually take a backseat to our normal living.

A spiritual transformation is a peak experience to show us an accumulation of our work. Before we achieve the spiritual transformation we may feel like we are slightly regressing where we feel as if we have hit a wall in our spiritual progression. However, it is the calm before the storm as something new will emerge inside of us that is more dynamic than we have known before, the next spiritual transformation.

This is why it is important to continue our meditations, resolving personal issues and stepping forward to more personal growth. The more we know of ourselves and evolve in this way it may begin to feel mundane and ordinary. Yet they will be these isolated times when the next big job of spiritual transformation will suddenly occur. It is important to enjoy these peak experiences and when they seem to become quiet within us we continue our with the confidence that we will grow again in these dynamic ways to enjoy another spiritual transformation.

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