Love Speaks, How is Hatred Created?

Love Speaks, How is Hatred Created?
By Bart Sharp

Love is the opposite of hatred? Love speaks to a greater clarity of where hatred really comes from.

Hatred begins in the futility of something important we cannot resolve. For example, unresolved shame from a parent constantly tells us we are lesser; we cannot see beyond the judgments anymore because it has been within us, integrated as us so long it eventually festers into hatred.

Like in Christ we are always forgiven; but as a child we have no concepts to believe it in our gut, the negativity has grown to helplessness as no hope was sprouted. But learning to love self is recognizing the child has found a way to live amongst the limitations becoming a brilliant survivor. We can love that child who was smart enough to guide you into adulthood. It may have been a painful path but loving the child for finding a way begins to separate us from hatred and guides us towards love. Forgive you for all the mistakes made as it was natural for all to make them.

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