Intuition And Self Intimacy

Intuition And Self Intimacy

By Bart Sharp

In this world of intellect, facts, technology and logic there is a perspective everyone wants to possess, their own intuition. Intuition has aspects of facts and intellect but reaches into unknowing that is often unexplainable and illogical. Intuition opens into a resource of information beyond our thinking mind and yet is accessing our minds accomplishments and expanding them.

How do we get from a keen intellect to something of an intangible knowledge source such as our intuition?

So many of our great inventors, entrepreneurs and artists have learned to have a balance of intellect and intuition. It is best described by an image of a pyramid where the base of the structure represents the discipline of learning facts and developing intellect. But higher awareness is the accumulation of our knowledge that has led us to is the intuitive self which is at the top of the pyramid. It is the apex of what we are striving, it takes all of the knowledge we have accumulated and brings it to the next step in our evolution of knowing.

How do we get to this place? One of the first steps is always to be open to listening beyond our thinking. Intuition doesn’t come from the source of the mind but from the body. An intuitive entrepreneur does not try to break down the blocks that are in the way of their next discovery by overthinking but by questioning and waiting for response to appear. It is if they have done all the work and gathering all the facts and figures and they let something internal digest the information and the spark will appear. It is in this curious questioning place that they open the intuition.

Intuition is associated with a more complete body consciousness. Intuition is developed by feeling life as much as it is thinking it. The entrepreneur may look at a idea and feel something become very excited within himself. This would be the intuition talking and telling him to pay attention to this concept. From there the entrepreneur may begin researching and creating new ideas to support his own intuition.

Whatever way we place our focus on we will likely develop our intuition if we feel life as well as develop our discipline in this area of our lives.

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