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Having A Different Relationship With Sugar

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Having A Different Relationship With Sugar
With Bart Sharp

With Special Guest Neil Dumra

Having A Different Relationship With Sugar

Below are some tips to have a different relationship with sugar.

Eat green food; the green drinks, powders or capsules give us a huge influx of vitamins that gives us a vibrational strength to curb our desire for sugar. I also find this true with Cacao and mushroom mixtures.

Find non-sugar treats that satisfy your mouth, I now drink more organic tea, carbonated water and savory products.

Whenever you eat, do not pair with an activity that is more passive like television. Eat in a low stimulation environment and be aware of the tastes and sensulatiy of the food itself. We eat for taste and if you are aware of how the food stimulates and satisfies you will fill up faster to eat less.

Find times to relax your body when you are stressed. Learning to de-stress by learning to release tension with being quiet, meditating teaches us to center instead of self medication with a substance like sugar. The sugar can be an attempt to make us feel better when we are not feeling good. As a general rule, avoiding negative sensations is a bad ideal, instead sit and feel where yoou feel upset inside you, let it relax. Nuture that aspect of you. Wholeness will return much quicker.

Change your schedule, variety teaches us to live outside of our habits. Habitual rituals can also be transferred to our eating, that is why it is good to always change things up. Do you really need 3 meals a day? Snacks? Bedtime at a certain hour? Dessert after a meal? The mind likes routine and will guide us to live life in patterns however our bodies like variety.

Avoid boredum. When we are bored we have a tendency to want to consume something to shake us out of the boredum. Play instead. If you need to do nothing, meditate, there are 1001 different ways to meditate. Experiment.

Avoid mundane leisure activities such as television and long term internet surfing. Create in other ways for fun. The ideal of play is to create different neurological patterns and it is active instead of passive.

Resolve your daily anxieties, confront them until you find the answers to resolve them.

Celebrate your small, daily victories without sugar. Breaking sugar habits is difficult and few quit cold turkey to never return again. We need to constantly change how we do it. Maybe we stop for a week or curb sugar consumption to only one or two things a day. Change your challenges to its transformation. Sugar is everywhere in all kinds of products so be gentle with yourself with your setbacks and victories. Still it is good to draw a line in the sand of stuff you will not do anymore, for example no soft drinks but a chocalate bar twice a week that is made from cane sugar instead of fructose corn syrup sugar. Make your rules of what is absolute and what is flexible.

Do long and short term disciplines, make times where there is very little sugar or none for a while. This teaches your body it can adjust to many things. It builds personal control and inner strength.

Be clear why you want to stop and focus on the goal, sugar changes maybe one aspect of a greater change. For example you may have weight issues so adding in green vegatables as a daily dish along with exercise is a good combination along with cutting down sugar. You are doing an overall reset for something bigger.

When eating sugar do it as conscious as possible, slowly eat it with each bite savored, we eat for taste so totally taste it. Take a small piece and take thirty seconds to eat it. This takes the body processes that want to react to the sugar right out of the equation.

All of our life should be changing whether it be work, play, exercising, eating etc.. Find foods that are different, whether it is sugar or not, this helps us constantly change therefore it influences us to eat sweets differently.

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