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Love At The Highest Level: Love Speaks

Love At The Highest Level
body consciousness
Excerpt From the ebook, Love Speaks
By Bart Sharp

If we could perceive love as its most evolved state, we would see the total of ourselves down to our own cellular structures. We would see every reference of us as attuned to the moment of now. All would be complete so references to the past are nonexistent, therefore no polarity of traumas are held. Continue reading Love At The Highest Level: Love Speaks

Love Speaks

love speaksLove Speaks, Love Wisdom In Thoughts And Stories the new ebook by Bart Sharp, explores the various forms of love from the love of a mother to her children, to mankind’s connection with nature, to a kundalini, sexual experience. The purpose is to explore as many qualities of love so the reader is inspired and educated; then they can enjoy love more. The reader is exposed to view points of highly evolved individuals, to those who struggled with compassion in relationships. Included are photos located in the Languedoc region of Southern France. 134 pages. $5.99 BUY NOW

Love Speaks The Power Of Writing

Love Speaks The Power Of Writing
LoveSpeaksBy Bart Sharp

Love speaks to us more clearly when we are clear, writing is an important tool to gain clarity.

For me, writing down my feelings; my stuck places, my victories affirms they are real. I spiral up to a higher form of being in love with my life when I know how I have transformed the realities I create by writing until I receive clarity of a situation. Continue reading Love Speaks The Power Of Writing

Love Speaks, How is Hatred Created?

Love Speaks, How is Hatred Created?
By Bart Sharp

Love is the opposite of hatred? Love speaks to a greater clarity of where hatred really comes from.

Hatred begins in the futility of something important we cannot resolve. For example, unresolved shame from a parent constantly tells us we are lesser; we cannot see beyond the judgments anymore because it has been within us, integrated as us so long it eventually festers into hatred. Continue reading Love Speaks, How is Hatred Created?