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Transforming Sadness

Transforming Sadness

By Bart Sharp

Andrea came to see me and felt like everything was wrong in her life. As she shared her life we really saw the common limitation was Andrea was afraid of being lonely. Loneliness was the product of sadness in her childhood. Sadness from the perspective that there was no one to love her, an ostracization of her being a loved member in her family.

With her family, there was no one really available on an emotional level. They were all too busy running a family business. At age 2, Andrea began to be molested by her grandfather. As damaging as those incidents were, it did not create her core limitation. Somewhere in Andrea’s world she was strong enough to handle those aggressions because somewhere within her beliefs she felt her parents would fulfill her with the love she already had within herself. Unfortunately, Andrea’s parents never came around to matching her expectations. Her core limitation was established around age 3 when she finally gave up hope that her parents were never going to love her in an unconditional way. Due to the disappointment Andrea fell into the emotion of sadness to create her core limitation.

The sadness manifested in the feeling of extreme loneliness and there was no one there for her. In some ways this reality was true. Andrea’s parents made sure her needs were met but were disconnected as a family. They never did functioned as a family as they operated a store requiring someone to be working at all hours. The mother was a dominating force in the family while her father was more passive and withdrawn. Andrea sought the warm nature of her dad yet he was often withdrawn and emotionally unavailable. While Andrea’s mom was often angry and controlled the household. The mother’s grand parents lived next door creating an unhealthy situation for the little girl yet no one could recognize the unhealthy environment. In this unprotected state from the irregular visitations from her grandfather Andrea felt ostracized from her family as if they did not want her. In reality her family did not push her away they simply did not know how to be caring in a loving way. In essence Andrea missed the love of her parents.

When an infant transitions from the other side into this reality they embody the infinite love of the spirit world and in some ways small beings of light. The love and expanded consciousness exists within them naturally. The profound wisdom of a child and innocence to love unconditionally needs to be confirmed from their parents then the infinite awareness of a the child can grow into this world otherwise it shrinks within them. For Andrea she had an intense desire, referenced from many past lives
with her mom to receive love from her mother. However, her mother was not emotionally available to build a strong mother/daughter love. This was the core sadness for Andrea and the feeling of separation felt if her reality imploded into sadness deep within her solar plexus.

The best strategy to not feel the sadness for Andrea was to become the best little girl possible, she created prolifically ways to have approval and some form of love. From this plan of action Andrea’s created a hope to loved. The more Andrea created her as the fun, inventive and charming person she got attention. She lifted her family out of their doldrums and receives their approval. It was not the unconditional love her essence from the spirit world needed but it was the best she could have within the emotional confines of her family. The energetic dynamics for Andrea was a reactionary emotion of the constant hope to pull her away from her core emotional theme of sadness.

As an adult woman of forty five Andrea’s sadness was overwhelming to her when she came to see me. She was an art teacher in a public school, single with an adult daughter and son beginning their independent lives. The crises within began with the feeling of disorder within her school, changes in administrative policies that created less structure and order for the students triggered Andrea to feel less enthused about the direction of the school. She then felt a distance between herself and the students because of her dismay with the policies, the new students were not confronted by the staff so they were more disorderly. For Andrea it began to stimulate energies within her of hopeless, there was less purpose in her work because she saw less hope they were going to improve.

At the same time Andrea’s children were creating their own lives. She had less of a role in their lives. There seemed to be too many demands upon her from work and not enough time to create fulfilling activities, Andrea was losing the vision that she could create something wonderful to enliven those around her like she did with her parents. If she had no hope to change the world around her she would sink into the sadness of her childhood that no one loved her. Andrea became depressed, she longed to leave a once satisfying job for something that felt fulfilling again. The core state of being that was haunting her were the sad feelings originating in childhood of feeling alone. However the environment around her was not responding to her magical transformative creations, she had hit a wall and had contracted into her sadness.

Andrea did not configure the challenges in her present day were stimulated from her core theme limitation of sadness. As she became aware of her emotional construction of having hope to pull her out of sadness she began to see how school had the same dynamics. Using meditative tools she could begin change the sadness. Andrea could now see sadness was not something she had to dread but interact with. Sadness was an energetic memory that could dealt with. As a child she did not have the cognizance to interact with the sad feeling of loneliness so her response was to avoid it by being the ray of hope in her family. Now Andrea could directly interact with the sadness on an energetic level and begin to change her core emotional patterns.

Receiving 101, A Lesson From Nature

Receiving 101 A Lesson From Nature

By Bart Sharp

Excerpt from The Healing Planet

The forest does not grow with an expectation of what it will look like. It just grows. Other factors such as sun, wind, water, and other plants influence it. In the plant world there is no competition; just the energy to thrive. They are simply happy to grow. Continue reading Receiving 101, A Lesson From Nature

The Body Consciousness of Heart Power

heart for ann
The Body Consciousness of Heart Power

By Bart Sharp

Several years ago I worked as a teacher and had an assistant. My assistant was quite good and I really liked her as a worker. However, by 9:30 or 10:00 AM I could feel myself becoming tired and did not understand why I had such a drop in energy. Continue reading The Body Consciousness of Heart Power

Body Consciousness, Transforming To The Power Of Attraction

Body Consciousness, Transforming To The Power Of Attraction
power mt
By Bart Sharp

Once we have done intense work in self-growth to step up into a new level of body consciousness and transformation.
What does it feel like to crossover to the other side of consciousness and find out what it feels to be in a higher state of love and joy? Continue reading Body Consciousness, Transforming To The Power Of Attraction

Following The Energy

mt shastaFollowing The Energy
By Bart Sharp

I have just returned from an amazing vacation visiting Mt. Shasta, redwood forests of California, The Grand Canyon and Sedona. As I have shared my experiences with others the most common words that come up is “the energy there was fabulous”. Those who are energy workers have an ideal of what I mean on the topic of energy but others may find the concept foreign. Continue reading Following The Energy

The Gifts Of Negative Emotions

dandylionThe Gifts Of Negative Emotions

By Bart Sharp

Being in the space of unconditional love in every aspect of our life is what many of us are seeking. If we could live in a place of non-judgment and unconditional love we would most likely step into a consciousness that some say is 4th dimension reality, it is hard to conceptualize what this higher state actually is. To get there is a process of living in the highest state of non-judging, unconditional love however people often misconstrue the path of emotional Continue reading The Gifts Of Negative Emotions

Principals Of Body Consciousness, Developing Intuitive Powers


Excerpts For The Upcoming Book “Body Consciousness”

By Bart Sharp

The more we acknowledge, appreciate our body’s abilities the body will show us more of our innate abilities, powers etc….

Our body or body consciousness has so many talents hidden away, the question is, “What talent and ability is ready to be revealed to me next?”

The nature of psychic talents is often associated with going to classes, reading a read and developing the skill. An honorable strategy.

In the world of developing intuitive, inner perceptive abilities and internal powers a close relationship with our body will advance us more than most any book or class. Continue reading Principals Of Body Consciousness, Developing Intuitive Powers

Principals Of Body Consciousness, The Density Of Judgments


Excerpt from the upcoming book, “Body Consciousness”

By Bart Sharp

Principal of Body Consciousness
The more we judge others, our body and situations in life we create limitations to block our path in being in communion with our infinite self.

Making a judgment is the most direct way to create us as limited. When we judge we begin turning off our perception to see all options in a situation and create a hardness or density within ourselves energetically. Continue reading Principals Of Body Consciousness, The Density Of Judgments

How Long Should We Hold Onto Anger

How Long Should We Hold Onto Anger?

By Bart Sharp

How long we hang onto anger is a good measure to how much we have resolved anger in our life. By definition, anger is an energy to take action and once we do or process what we need to move the anger, we should go back to a calm state within the space of an half a hour in most cases. The anger should not resurface again because it was resolved. Continue reading How Long Should We Hold Onto Anger

Being A Magnet For Money

magnet for money cover

Being A Magnet For Money: By Bart Sharp
This download is designed for those who have difficulty receiving and making money. Such issues as self-worth, shame, beliefs we are the last to receive the gifts of our endeavors and more all related to having prosperity are addressed. Each time we listen to this download we change the limitations we have about making, receiving and having money. 60 minutes. $11.00 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE