Building Magical Potency

Building Magical Potency

By Bart Sharp

We build a magical potency of power by what we say, do and think.

Imagine our internal power being measured by having one-hundred dollars each day that can be spent in any way we choose. We use the money in a variety of ways including the expression of emotions, our daily tasks, play, creative and/or spiritual endeavors.

We can spend the one hundred dollars everyday and what is not used enters into a reserve inside us. Our savings is an internal power working to be the quiet support to help our dreams flourish. The more reserves we have, it will generate a certain ease to manifest or create from.

The real question we all contend with is, “What do we spend our power money on everyday?” We may use lots of vitality for the common challenges of daily life, like work, communication, travel and taking care of our body.

In addition, there are the ever important intangibles like “How much are we in resistance to the typical events of the day?” This negativity draws power from our reserves. Being unhappy at work is an example. It occurs when we are at work and later when we stress about the challenges of what happened. Negative experiences take more from us than positive ones.

For some, there is a long list of mental and internal anguish they experience everyday. It is an ongoing battle beginning inside their mind that extends into their daily interactions in various ways. It also attracts conflicting situations from others in various ways who are at the same level of judgmental thinking thus disagreements are likely to magnify in some way/s. By the end of the day they may have spent all of their “power cash” of $100 and be at a deficit. The core self has little to no energy to apply to create magical occurrences and their body suffers with no spare energy.

How do we quit spending so much?
How can we turn our perspectives around to see the good in everything we do?
Can we detach from daily challenges and see the lesson it is presenting to us?

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