“The Force” And Body Consciousness

“The Force” And Body Consciousness
body consciousness
By Bart Sharp

In the view of body consciousness, perceiving energy is much like the movie Star Wars concept of The Force. The Force is an aspect of consciousness where all energies of matter and beyond matter are integrated together as a whole. Even if objects appear to be solid and separate as their own entity there is still a flow between them and the other things around.

It is true in our world, Quantum physicist talk of the same concepts. As we grow in awareness we can perceive the vibrations around us in a variety of ways. It is generally tuned into what we feel is important to perceive. Someone who is interested in people and tuning into how to make sales to them would create intuitive abilities to tuning into people. Someone who works with computers builds an intuitive sense with their programs, or a husband is able to sense his wife’s feelings. They cannot explain why it is possible for them; however, they are perceiving something deeper in the unseen world. The reason why? Because it was important to them; somehow through their intention, they learned the language of the energy around the topic. My father could sense when rattlesnakes were around, he lived in rural Texas where poisonous snakes were a common danger, so it was relevant to be aware of.

In the world of body consciousness, we can actively choose to learn any energetic vibration and tune into its world. I spent an entire spring meditating almost everyday in the same forest. Through this experience I learned how trees vibrated, the messages they expressed and a matrix of consciousness that flowed between trees. It was a matter of tuning into a molecular vibration that flowed with the trees and venturing into the perceptual reality of trees, plants, earth, rock and water. The tool required to take us into the world of Luke Skywalker is practicing own body consciousness or the awareness within; in relation to other life forms.

For example, I can ask my body, “What does the energy of this tree, I am touching, like?” Suddenly I feel something different inside of me; different from my normal body sensations. It feels lighter than me, a different flow of life. I trust it is the tree’s vibrational presence. My body has been perceiving this all along, however, because I asked the of the energy of it; it appears stronger in my present awareness, in my body consciousness. When the body and mind are attuned; we are able to perceive the vibration of the tree and more. The forest is one of the easiest places to perceive energy because it has no ego or defenses. A tree simply vibrates an energy in communion with all around it; whereas something like a human body has a different complexity..

We as humans have a wide variety of ways to express our consciousness, we have more variety than any living being, as we have the most complex brain of any creature and an ego to create the interpretations of how we interact with life. Perceiving a human is more complex as there are a much wider variety of ways a human develops their life than a tree or animal. The body often changes its energy due to any given situation, for example, if they are anger the body mainly emanates anger and it is the main thing perceived. If the mood changes, the energetic make-up changes. Just like if we are re-living a story of our past, the energy changes to the memory re-lived. We are in a constant influx of change. However, when we ask our body to attune to a specific consciousness or memory, the body goes right to it. We tune in by simply asking. We understand “The Force” of a specific part of us.

Learning how to perceive such a complexity of a body, or the cellular complexity is learning some of the same concepts included in The Force, it is a part of Body Consciousness. The more we are aware within the energies around us come a part of our awareness.

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