You Can Become Anything!


You Can Become Anything!

By Bart Sharp

It is a great American Dream, you can create anything you wish to be. We have the freedom to do so. In a democratic society we were all taught this. As we grow into adulthood many of us have lost touch with the vision of creating our greatest dreams. Where was the misidentification created?

To actualize a dream most of us look at necessary ingredients such as:
Do we have the education or expertise?
Do we have the courage to move forward?
Do we have the vitality or energy to do what it takes?
Do we have the finances?

These are very practical factors and I would like to add one more important aspect. Do we have the clarity and awareness within yourselves to see the bigger perspective of your dreams? Or. What consciousness do we need to be in order to actualize a specific dream?

Awareness is the golden power in this equation, it is part intellectual but also it is seeing and/or becoming something more. For example, if we have a bowl of water that represents joy (the perception of whole and complete). Some people are aware of the vibrational level of water so they can have all, enjoying its benefits. While another person with less clarity can perceive just a few drops within the bowl. It is all they can envision in their lives because they are not living a higher vibration of awareness to receive that particular energy.

A good example of someone having a larger vision would be Oprah Winfrey. She had the self power of belief, she deserves more in life. It is the intrinsic belief she could receive, her vibration therefore attracted something greater than what most others can generate. She possessed something huge and this power came from deep within her innate power of self, intellect was part of the equation but not what made her stand apart.

For example, an Internet Marketer who works hard, has a expanded knowledge of Google and a good product to sell yet makes thousands where as others makes millions. The person I am thinking of has yet to claim his own personal power of self-love. In his early childhood the messages he received was, he was lesser of a person, shame. As an adult he has used much of his energy proving he was not the unworthy person yet the damaged child still existed within. Almost like the shamed self was a weight he had to work against.

For this person, until the awareness of the damaged child is transformed, the place of awareness of its impact/ healing, he will not have the clarity to see beyond the limitation. Part of his troubles is because he does not have the consciousness he is whole therefore the unconsciousness sabotages his awareness to receive less. The vibration to attract his dreams cannot be fulfilled to its whole potential. This man uses the force to create instead of in ease. It is the benefit of being fully embodied with your own awareness whose base is self worth/self love.

The examples of greater consciousness have elements of money charisma and power. But the clarity to be more and grow in a holistic way begins with much deeper issues than the issues of prosperity. The gift of the consciousness of inner power begins with an innate sense of self love. It is transferred in how our parents treat us compiled by the self image of the parent had of themselves. We absorbed this to create our own self worth. If the parents belief they can have wealth, happiness, love etc… the child generally duplicates this energetic awareness as their basis. Then they create from that power level.

If we wish to create our great dreams ask for the awareness of how we have created our limitations. Be willing to perceive the bigger picture of how we created our blockages and our abilities will grow as we change.

Bart Sharp is an intuitive counselor, shaman and author specializing in transformation of traumatic and emotional based limitations. He can be contacted at Greater Consciousness Through Emotional Transformation. 512 809 6807 at, He is currently on sabbatical for the summer in Southern France.

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