Women Will Save The World: Body Consciousness

Women Will Save The World: Body Consciousness

body consciousness

By Bart Sharp

Being a tour driver for 5 women and the only man I am amazed how women problem solve, everybody pitches in with solutions and offers help.

We are all in this together type of attitude. While the masculine would be, if you have a problem, go off and fix it; and when you are whole come back to the group. The masculine teaches autonomy however the camaraderie with the feminine gets there faster and more efficiently. Driving a large van in Ireland requires lots of help as I have had more than one close call, It was amazing how the gals helped me park a van last night in this one space that seemed impossible, yet we did it. The Dalai Lama said western women would save the world, I am getting a glimpse of what that is about on this tour in body consciousness.

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