Win/Win Attitude, The Winning Formula

Win/Win Attitude, The Winning Formula

win/win attitude

By Bart Sharp

Living the winning formula means living in a win/win attitude, a belief all can benefit from our own prosperity.

A win/win attitude promotes an ideal we can all grow and prosper without anyone suffering from our gain. The duality of loss and gain or winning and losing is a mindset that comes from a belief that fear or pain has to be part of success.

In a bigger picture, if we are actively living in a higher ideal, everyone will benefit. With a win/win attitude we are on a path of developing our life from a place of wholeness instead of pain. When we guide ourselves to live this way it will directly and indirectly affect others. We are reinforcing the concept we can all have goodness, an outlook where we work from love instead of fear as our basis. Win/win attitude promotes a loving and extraordinary world where more people have the opportunity to grow into joyful, magical beings.

We have choice to life in a state of fear or love (or win/win). To live in a win/win attitude or state of mind all begins with a choice to live in an expanding attitude where as the fear of loss lives in a state of avoidance or defensiveness to the next calamity. We can apply our energy to either point of view. We often train ourselves to react according to how we feel about ourselves.

Consider these questions when evaluating whether you are win/win attitude or win/lose attitude:
Are we thinking in more negative terms in response to our plans because we believe our defenses are more necessary than our beliefs that we will know what to do in any situation?
How much do we believe that we will attract negative outcomes?
How big is the emotional charge of the stress of losing or rejection for you?
What fear do you create to drive you to success and what does it feel like?
Where did someone begin teaching you the value that someone always loses when others gain?

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