Why Is Activation Meditation Valuable?

Why Is Activation Meditation Valuable?

activation meditation

By Bart Sharp

An activation meditation is activating, inviting or summoning energies in order to enhance and develop our own individual consciousness. As we evolve in the use of activation meditation our vibration of our ability to be centered, more aware, more loving and open to a more expansive viewpoint of all things grows. Activation meditation can be as basic as saying the word "Om” and we feel our body expand to something higher.

However, when we commune with sources such as the earth, a tree or a sacred power spot we open to something beyond human experience to be dancing with a god-enhanced and non-ego reality. We practice activation meditation with things, places and higher beings and a consciousness that is nonhuman like vibrates inside us. A much higher frequency opens inside us than most humans intuitively “know of themselves” but do not know how to actively be aware of it on a regular basis.

I use the word “know of themselves” as it is the awareness that humans may not know in their mind’s functioning or ego-based awareness whereas there is something within us that is much more infinite that can become more active. When we are able to connect to some source such as the earth’s vibration, the presence of Buddah or an angel we tune into a model that we can learn from and expand by.

We can connect to a wide variety of energies of the earth, realities within our planet, trees, plants such as roses, energies of the cosmos and so many more that expand us. It is a matter of learning a way to invite these energies in and developing ours skills to perceive them. Once we have that perceptual ability to commune with the energies we can invite them in then we can develop our own awareness from what these special realities have to offer. When I began this journey of doing activation meditation I held various crystals to tune into their energy, it taught me how to perceive each crystal’s vibration. From there I worked up to more powerful concepts like meditating with the heart consciousness of Mother Mary or the center of the earth.

This is a reality that is not fact base or non-fiction but more in an opened possibility much like the reality of fiction. However, fiction is generally based in non-fiction. Fiction is stretching beyond what we know of the world to expand it through imagination, visualization and inspiration. Activation meditation has some of these qualities as we tap into a higher based energy and we feel something inside of us that we cannot define. It sometimes feels as if we are making it up much like the fictional reality. However, my experiences have told me that much of what I perceive in this activation meditation feels very strange, different from what I know. Later I am always amazed how these realities are substantiated. Somebody else is meditating with the same energy as I and has the same perception. Or I read in the text of someone having some of the same experiences while they were doing a type of activation meditation or doing a metaphysical practice.

Each time I learn a new vibrational power and develop my awareness of it, something inside of me changes. I feel internally lighter and seem to have a greater capacity to vibrate at a higher level.

The word that best fits this concept of evolving in higher vibration is love. A greater love is sparked inside of me because I feel more evolved, more connected to something greater than me, am vibrating at a higher frequency and it always seems to direct me to the concept of an embodiment of love. Love has many definitions but the one I really appreciate the most is having an awareness that is of a higher vibration. When I am functioning at a higher vibration I am in more allowance of the world around me, kinder to others and have a sense of a greater love inside of me.

This is why I find it so important to do activation meditation as a regular practice. I connect to a variety of things to learn how to perfect my awareness of their vibration through activation meditation. The list is long of what I have learned over the years such as connecting to the vibration of Master Yeshua, Mother Mary, the higher vibrations of the sun, the central core of the earth, the universal vibration of love, Mt Shasta, Machu Picchu and more.

Activation meditation can be as simple as meditating at the base of the tree and feeling it's energetic presence or going into a church where people have prayed to perceive all the energies inculcated into the church itself. Each experience enriches my awareness so I always enjoy being a ongoing participant of activation meditation. I stop to perceive the energy of something, invite it in to activate, feel it and meditate on the vibration in order to expand my awareness of its energy.
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