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Why Do People Hold Onto Anger?

Why Do People Hold Onto Anger?





By Bart Sharp
Author of Body Consciousness

Below are some conscious and unconscious reasons why people hold onto anger in their body consciousness. As you read these concepts reflect about which one/s applies to you and consider is anger really working for you in this way. We can always choose to do anger differently, first we need to be aware of what we are doing.

We believe we need to hold on to anger as we receive energy in order to fight other battles from the repressed anger.

We are addicted to the anger and it charges us with energy.

We have formulated thousands of angry thought patterns in our primal brain and we are constantly triggered by them to re-create other angry and judgmental thoughts.

We try to defeat anger so we judge it as negative and thus we traumatize ourselves through the judgment it is bad and wrong.

We find anger an effective tool to dominate others, it gets results. The more we use anger will reinforce our decisions to dominate and create a repressed reality of anger that works against us. However, it pulls into doing the same thing again and again, we may dominate others but we will likely not enjoy it.

We believe anger is bad so we repress it then judge ourselves when we have angry thoughts or feelings. Therefore our judgments to ourselves re-traumatize the anger so it is repressed again.

We react to other’s anger and make them wrong for having anger with our judgments on to them. Therefore we become attached to the anger that we judge on to others. In some way we are attached to the anger in a passive way that works against us.

People retell what makes them angry. They re-traumatize themselves by repeating the story instead of seeing the part in the situation. Each time they repeat to others and/or internally the angst or destructive aspects of the anger are empowered. Therefore we are more likely to repeat the same behaviors or attract a similar situation to us again.

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