Where Does Our Best Outcomes Come From?

Where Does Our Best Outcomes Come From?

By Bart Sharp

The world-wide known spiritual and political leader Nelson Mandela learned some of his greatest lessons in a four by eight foot prison cell in South Africa. He was incarcerated for over thirty years as a political prisoner and in those days Nelson learned to change the adversity of an abusive environment into something of an inspiration. The man of international peace learned to find his own peace and then practiced an unconditional acceptance for everyone from prison guards to fellow inmates.

The practice of kindness while in a place where people were treated with cruelty became part of Mandela’s world message. As he advocated for a free South Africa the lessons he learned in prison were part of the model to attract millions of supporters for the thousands who unjustly suffered in South Africa.

In our daily lives we face daily challenges. Life in western society can be highly stressful. We have a choice to live in reaction to negativity or see what positive lessons it has for us. Problems in this world abound and we often do not have answers to solving situations. Like Nelson Mandela we have to root ourselves in our own inner love as our guiding power. There are things we do that may not have the power to directly change and we may not see an answer. However acting/believing in our own love and faith can guide us to a highest possible solution.

I am sure Nelson Mandela had days he wondered if he would ever be released from prison, yet instead of sinking into despair he directed his positivity to all of his guards and inmates. It was the best option to creating an expansive outcome in his daily life. He served others resulting in putting himself in the highest state of being.

When we have inner love and respect for us in the creation of our daily lives we open the flow of life to work for us and not against us. We may not receive the results we planned but in the long-term we our teaching our mind, body and soul to evolve in a higher direction. In general, good things happen when we take the high road.

This story has some great personal applications, as I will be leaving the dynamic energies and the slow country life of France to return to the fast pace of Austin, Texas. In short, America appears to be overwhelmed with problems at so many levels and I return with the question, “What can I do to serve….to best facilitate change?” The possibilities are many, but in short is to help the world change to a more conscious society that begins in loving themselves as their grounding power.

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