What Magic Do You Choose?

What Magic Do You Choose?

dog at crossroads

By Bart Sharp

Excerpt from the book “Magic Speaks”

The best option I have in almost any situation is to create in a positive way. It is our nature to grow through the making of positively-influenced creations that make magic more possible. Yet some distract themselves from doing it that way.

You want to ask yourself, “Would a child choose to create with such negativity or with a joyful exuberance?”

We simultaneously build a reality in us like a furnace burning inside as our internal power. The more we do it, the more it accumulates, our magic potential does as well.

Joy’s source to stay bright is our choice. We can feed ourselves or diminish in the sabotage of fear-based thinking.

To create in this way is an affirmation of love. If we circulate love inside ourselves we see it everywhere else much easier. Can love be our attracting magnet? It is the space to create magic.


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