What Is My Big Dream?

What Is My Big Dream?

By Bart Sharp

Knowing what we really want to do in life, to have our big dream is difficult for many especially if they grew up with the family who were more controlling or dysfunctional. In these kind of families we grow up serving other people’s ideas instead of being taught to be our own person. To have a more innate ability to develop big dreams means you confidently know how to serve yourself.

There are two schools of thought for parental child raising techniques, parents push or control the child become what the parent wants them to become or secondly the parent listens to the child and encourages them to be there in person.

For the controlled child they grow up following their parent’s ideas and then go through life following what they believe society, family, friends and others would desire them to do and become. Something may be missing deep within them and that they may not ever find out how to create a big dream for themselves.

Finding out how you can find your big dream is not one big event but a series of discoveries. It is finding out how to find smaller curiosities of what fascinates you. Life is then an adventure every day and in this on-growing unfoldment we build a bigger purpose for our own life. The life purpose or big dream is not a destiny that you were meant to do but in an everyday choice to develop. We will grow to something that fits our own desires of productivity that is uniquely comes from her own curiosity and desires. The big dream is uniquely our creation when we discover ourselves.

For example, someone may begin life with a good feeling inside of them when they garden or when they put their hands in the earth. They enjoyed learning about plants and things of nature and as they learned more details their curiosity is stimulated even more. So they read more about plants and nature, talked to other gardeners, walked in nature and garden regularly. They are always happy, stimulated and content when they do these type of things. In time their knowledge becomes quite expansive to where it may feel intuitive as well as intellectual with their practice. They are evolving to a level of being an expert. They may be considered a genius because they appear to know more but the high knowing is an accumulation learned over time that they have done in a enthusiastic and joyful way. The gardener feels fulfilled that they have found their purpose but it really was a choice made to follow this particular path daily, with the love devoted to something they enjoy doing.

When we accomplish one big dream it is important to remember more little and big dreams will follow. We basically have learned how to be turned onto life.

If we want our children to find their own big dreams we need to help them learn to have tools to discover things they are interested in. If the parents created a nurturing and secure environment the child will naturally explore life. If we are naturally curious parents who develop our own talents the children will do the same by imitation. We can help by giving them opportunities to do things and they will grow in their own ideas and ambitions. Finding a joyful connection to life is natural just as a child’s curiosity will guide the child the something that they find innately fascinating and pleasurable. In a way it is a choice to find our own big dream but another way it is been within us all along.

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