What Is Consciousness?

What Is Consciousness?

By Bart Sharp

Consciousness, a familiar word by definition but a concept describing a very new way we are evolving. Consciousness in this new terminology described in its essence, self change to a higher vibration as a being in a more comprehensive or holistic way. Consciousness is more than gaining knowledge or accessing our intelligence although these two concepts are important components. Consciousness has aspects of wisdom, the ability to make choices that are the best for our well-being. At a more advanced level, making decisions that are the best for the greater good of all.

Consciousness is being more aware, to proceed beyond the five senses, it is having more awareness of the unseen world such as, how a tree vibrates, perceiving how a person’s heart changes when they are inspired, or feeling the energies of traumas in our body when we recall an abuse of experience. In the growth of consciousness we are learning how to perceive the sensations that our body and mind are showing us while we experience the life around and within us.

The process of greater consciousness is learning the interchange of the body and mind. The more conscious person has learned how to use their mind to understand the information the body is constantly absorbing and relating to the mind. The journey of being more of an evolved consciousness includes being more aware of the expansive qualities of a place like the heart or solar plexus as well as learning the messages our negativity has to teach us.

The evolution of consciousness never judges the sensations as good or bad but is simply curious of the message they have been offered. A person on the path of greater consciousness knows hardships or something such as repressed anger as an opportunity to transform the limitation into higher and lighter vibration. Thus we raise our level of consciousness through the resolution of our issues that confront us.

The path of consciousness is often a threefold path:
learning to resolve our repressed past,
teaching ourselves higher vibrational patterns through various forms of meditations,
and creating new activities projects and lifestyle changes that match the levels of our new levels of consciousness we have become. Sometimes the hardest part of supporting our consciousness evolution is discovering new ways to live however it is very necessary.

Finally the summative theme we will raise more in our life is love. As we vibrate a higher form of consciousness the love we have within ourselves will be greater and our next desire is to share our love with others in a more conscious way. In fact, when we cross over to the higher forms of consciousness it will feel like an internal lightness inside of us that feels so whole and good. It becomes our internal beacon or light, an internal power that is our gift to us. When we evolved to this level of consciousness the old ideals of love we felt seems like we were working from a training manual instead of the real thing, the internal light of love. The consciousness journey is a beautiful one with many aspects to develop and once we step onto our next level we generally become hooked on the journey because becoming more in consciousness feel so good in every step we take.
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