What is Body Consciousness?

What Is Body Consciousness?

By Bart Sharp

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Body Consciousness is learning to become a greater power in life by getting in touch within the space of the human body, perceiving it beyond a physical sense.

The more we function in a present tense awareness, we create more dynamically in a body consciousness. If we are living in past beliefs systems, emotions, old traumas we are less in the present tense potency of us.

A greater body consciousness is created by resolving and dissolving old limiting beliefs systems.

The more we are present in our awareness, body consciousness: what we invite into our lives comes more easily.

Our essence is more infinite, however what is taught in this world through the centuries is mostly in the context of finite, limiting points of view. By knowing ourselves in a deeper way we can detach from the limiting beliefs and begin to create us in a new journey to the expanded infinite direction.

The more we invite ease into our lives and our body consciousness has been trained to be at ease, the power is magnified. If we do not live in a more conscious state of being, we have to learn how to embody it then it can attract more dynamically in our lives. If we have lived mostly in states of anger, trauma, fears etc… we have to transform them in order to truly live a state of ease.

The more we school our mind, our awareness to body consciousness, we perceive an energy in our life to facilitate change in our life. We first have to become clear of us, our limitations, our inner self and the power within that are naturally us.

Principles of Body Consciousness from Bart’s upcoming book, “Body Consciousness”.

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