What Anger Should Feel Like?

What Anger Should Feel Like?



By Bart Sharp

What should anger feel like if we have resolved our anger issues?

Anger is a great teacher and how we deal with our anger is often a measuring stick of our own emotional transformation and body consciousness. The more we come aware of a higher vibration within us the more we have likely resolved a great deal of our repressed anger. Here are some characteristics of those who have resolved much of their anger issues

When a person is angry they have a certain level of detachment while in the moment of expressing or feeling the anger. It serves the person to be more present in the moment and see how their own anger is affecting others, as they become more present with it they can see the pain that others are experiencing in the situation as well as what they are feeling within themselves.

When anger occurs there is not a feeling of “Oh no, anger is here” or “Oh yes, I’m gonna kick some ass”. A higher form of feeling anger is more of a neutral feeling, it is an energy to help us play the role that the moment is requiring us to experience.

There is a level of inner calm while the person is angry, this gives them a feeling that their anger will never overwhelm them but they will do what is necessary to resolve the situation. Once the situation that stimulated the anger is completed the person will generally calm down very quickly, sometimes within a few minutes.

Due to the level detachment that the person’s experiences when angry they will be able to sense how the other person is feeling, have compassion for them and feel the pain that they are in. If we are only feeling anger from the present moment and not from our past repressed emotions stacked upon it, our awareness will be heightened in the moment. If we have repressed anger we will likely regress to old behavior patterns of how we have used anger in the past and we will express those old issues again without really being fully aware that we are doing it. It just happens and we are less aware.

The more we have no judgments, no triggers and little reaction to our own anger there will be a certain level of ease as it is being expressed. The expression will get right to the point because our awareness is heightened and we see the situation for more what it is therefore it’s kind of like a surgery that we go in, use the amount of angry energy needed, make necessary changes occur, and then step back with our internal serenity quickly returning to us. A person who has completely mastered their anger never loses their serenity, they may seem fierce but they are always in balance with themselves. www.bartsharp.com

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