The True Teachings Of Jesus

The True Teachings Of Jesus

By Bart Sharp

The true teachings of Jesus seem to be lost in a quagmire of thousands of pages of a variety of books created by a variety of religions. In actuality the teachings of Jesus are very simple. Most teachings of Jesus seem to come to one simple concept which has a wide variety of applications, that keep the focus on growing in love with ourselves and expressing it to others.

The true teachings of Jesus and unconditional love begin in our heart as Jesus saw the next stage in our evolution of being a heart centered race. When we are in a heart centered state of being we begin to have a higher form of awareness and there are less separations between ourselves and others. In fact, the true teachings of Jesus come down to how we can have no separation between others, ourselves to open to a state that we all humans live together as one. This is a higher form of love and the heart consciousness teaches us these valuable lessons or the path of how to get there.

When we are centered in our hearts and began to function from this state the defensive strategies of the mind and ego diminish. In the bigger picture that evolution of the brain is learning to function in a state of mind and heart awareness.

This takes us to such states of being to live our life for a higher good that serves everyone. The heart/mind consciousness has caring for all. We begin to see that if others are in pain, we hold that pain too. We may not be able to solve the problems that the other person has, but we can still hold them in a state of detached love so they feel more supported in some way. We do not even have to tell them we love them, we just have to recognize that in ourselves that we are included in our loving hearts awareness.

Can we imagine the true teachings of Jesus as a man who extended the love in this heart out to everyone, even the people who hurt him? Can we live in such an awareness that it will expand our own personal energetic being to more of an evolved state? We will simply radiate love out of us and it will influence others to do the same. We do not have to verbally express this but practice it from our heart and in our attitudes.

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