The Source Of Infinite Love

The Source Of Infinite Love

By Bart Sharp

In the path of finding our greatest self or infinite love in our body consciousness: “Does love cure everything?” “It is all good, I just have to stay positive and everything will be OK.” Living in the belief that love can cure anything and our defects of character will disappear when we remain in this positive and loving state is only partially true. This attitude coincides with the practice of “I only focus on the good and the bad is to be unacknowledged or avoided” will not evolve our body consciousness.

The bad or repressed parts of ourselves can never be completely avoided and should not be ignored in our body consciousness. We can never fully push our negative past experiences aside nor will we never have another bad experience. These parts are just as necessary as all the good times.

The bad times or unresolved negative memories we hold inside for what creates a shadow, a creation through unresolved fear anger, shame and other repressed emotions. We make unconscious defensive systems to protect us from these types of experiences from ever reoccurring again. So many create a place of non resolution of these repressed issues but it is exactly what needs to be addressed in order to find a deeper place of love.

A natural response for many is to avoid the negative and strive to live in the most positive loving ways as possible. Eventually our negative repressed memories will reappear when we are under stress or some incident similar to our past triggers us. Those past repressed memories reappear because we have tried to hold him down and hide from now they will appear stronger and often more aggressive way.

Love cannot cure our past overwhelm, only awareness can. The past negative memories are there for a reason, they are there to teach us.

When we begin letting our past out to see what we are afraid of, we begin the process of identifying and learning from these hidden parts of us. When we can learn the lessons they have for us, we begin the process of healing. When the shadow becomes known and accepted as an important part of us love emerges in an authentic way. In this new level of healing and awareness the past, older ways we knew love appear like an instructional manual to express love but when we integrate our shadow into us our love appears more real and authentic. We see how inadequate our old values were compared to the new level of awareness. Then the instructional book is no longer necessary, something comes out of us that is an expression of love from our core self, we begin to step into an awareness closer to what infinite love is. It feels natural and real.

If we were raised in a dysfunctional home it is likely we have misconceptions about love and more particularly about loving ourselves. We could practice the instructional manual and do what we see everybody else is doing that is loving and we imitate their behaviors. But we will not really ever get what love is until we resolve the repressed parts of our emotions such as anger, shame, fear or sadness. We get down to the bottom of the shadow where these emotions are repressed we begin to see what love is. It will spring forth as an energy inside of us and make our heart and body feel full, as if a source is finally opened. Higher consciousness has no limited amounts of love, it is on the path to infinite love, a level similar to a Jesus or Buddah. We can step into a reality that is truly loving and it seems to have no end, we learn how to step into the source pool of infinite love.

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