The Process Of Inner Listening, Body Consciousness

The Process Of Inner Listening, Body Consciousness
By Bart Sharp

body consciousness

Our thoughts are like a map to seeing our internal design in the world of Body Consciousness. The source of thoughts can be directed through our intention and/or they randomly appear without reason. They simply pop into our head. Our mind automatically produces thoughts, one will generally come into us every eight seconds, if not sooner. These unplanned thoughts originate from a variety of sources and have a purpose in their randomness.

For example, many of our thoughts are stimulated from the energetic thought-forms of other people that emanate as energetic signatures. These thought-based vibrations are then absorbed by others in the immediate vicinity. Some thoughts enter into our neurology and brain not to be noticed; other thoughts stimulate memories and thoughts of our own. We think things referenced from our own memories, whose source is other people’s thoughts. Yet for most, they never realize where their influences are coming from.

The mind is sorting out what is relevant and what it has had as past experiences with. In addition, if outside thoughts have associations to our direct past experiences, particularly ones unresolved; they will bring these up as a priority. The body and mind have a direction for us, with its target our personal evolution. It is bringing up limited thoughts in order for us to address them.

If someone has a regular diet of negative thoughts they may anxiously wonder, “What force or internal presence inside of them is making their life so miserable?” The part that is creating their troubled perspective is their decision to be in resistance to their negative thought forms. In other words, when a negative thought shows up, not to battle it or wish it was not there; instead ask what the message actually is. Questioning will naturally lead us to ways of resolving our limited based mind; if we maintain a course of curiosity and introspection. Our thoughts are the roadmap to backtracking inside to the real essence of us, to find a greater freedom within our thought forms.

If negative thoughts are our roadmap of our emotional well-being, where are they attempting to lead us? To the unraveling and resolution of our unconsciousness.

Body Consciousness has many levels of functioning, as we delve deeper, we see what gifts are unraveling the unconsciousness aspects of our life has for us. But we may begin with common day to day stresses such as: anxieties at work, anger at a spouse, resentments, urges to do addictive behaviors, self-destructive thoughts, emotional outburst and other things that take us away from being an internal power of love and common self-induced kindness. Unraveling the unconsciousness is a process to place where we have a great expanse of freedom.

To begin we do not need a structured starting point, everyone begins the process in the place their body or Body Consciousness directs them to. We are required to be willing to change and pay attention to the process. The thoughts we need to deal with will show up, even if we do not pay attention to them the first time, they will reappear again. When we ask our body we wish to change, begin a process using such tools in this book, or other tools, the body shows us the entry. It is then our decision to respond.

If we decide to confront an issue such as, resentments or anger towards our former girlfriend, we begin using the tool our body responds to best, asking it questions.

It is best to begin with a general question, “Body, what is the energy of me being resentful towards my former girlfriend?” As you speak pay attention to your body to any place that tenses, feels uncomfortable, heavy, dense, angry etc… Where ever this appears we know the anger or resentment is held there.

If we cannot perceive something changing inside the body in regards to the question about the anger, ask the question again and slowly move the palm side of your hand along the front torso of your body. Guide your hand slowly, about three to four inches above the body, around your body, especially the abdominal area (it is where we most often hold anger). Our hand will a place, sometimes more than one, where the movement stops, a resistance occurs and the hand stops its slow progression. In the location the hand stops is where the anger is located.

When we find the location and concentrate on the intensity of we can begin to perceive what the emotion feels like from a body perspective, other thoughts may begin to appear in our memory as we place our attention there. As more of our repressed story comes alive again, we go into the actual experience of the past. Then we can begin to resolve it. The situation we are experiencing in the moment will most likely not feel so adversive, because we have resolved one of its stimulants. The present tense mind is influenced ny similar past experiences and thoughts of others. When we sort through these unknown influences, inner calm and clarity as easier to have.

How this works, we ask the body and it will do its best to show us. It is a matter of finding a technique we feel comfortable with using, as explained below, many people use muscle testing or Applied Kinesiology. The body is attempting to get our attention and work with us as it is an infinite concept and the role of humans is to actualize this greatness. The mind’s point of view is around understanding. Somewhere the two perspectives can work together and a faster path to evolution occurs.

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