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The Power Of Receiving

The Power Of Receiving



By Bart Sharp
From the book “Magic Speaks”

Receiving is one of the biggest obstacles for some in receiving a magical life.

Receiving is one of the hardest lessons for so many of us yet it seems so simple. We wrap our minds up in multitudes of ways of why we should separate ourselves from other energies, people and resources. We jump into receiving by trying to receive in order to achieve our own ego-driven desires.

Receiving is best facilitated through the consciousness of having no defenses or walls in our attitudes and we are openly listening to the world around us in a state of wonderment. We will be led in life, and as a result, our heart will be opened in new ways. The desires created in this state of being have a natural ease to them, our heart feels happy when we think of these dreams and wishes.

Magic Speaks
Becoming A Magical In A Modern Magical World

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