The Power Of Gentleness

The Power Of Gentleness

By Bart Sharp

The power of gentleness is subtle, the wave it makes changes more in an indirect way. It teaches us that if we interact with our environment with kindness it will generate effects in unpredictable and often magical ways.

We build a gentler world where ease and cooperation create magical events. The opposite is the attitude we have to force ourselves through life where competition and judgment is how we create our life. The below story is an example how kindness create a simple magical event.

Sometimes a photograph is a journey and this one fits that concept. I was at a spiritual retreat when I saw a sickly looking deer. I quietly stood about 10 feet away and begin communing with the animal by bringing an energy of light into the creature. After ten minutes I left to go to my cabin to retrieve my backpack and camera. Upon my return the deer was still there, I quietly stood again smiling and thinking about the experience. The deer approached me and began to lick my arm for a minute and then left. All the while a second deer watched the entire experience, it approached me as well and I chose to photograph this one as the animal can to about 12 inches from my lens.

The quiet, gentle approach attracted this magical experience to me, I walked away feeling blessed. No force, no judgment, no money needed, just am opened heart and two deer required.

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