The Power of Enthusiasm

The Power of Enthusiasm
By Bart Sharp
Author of Magic Speaks

Enthusiasm is like looking at a field of various flowers. Some may acknowledge the field to move on down the road because there are more important things in their future. They remain in their normal state of contentment but miss that particular opportunity.

Where as another person will stop and observe the field seeing there is something special, they notice there are a variety of species in this field that are uncommon. The angle of the sun is particularly delightful on the flowers as it highlights the vibrancy of colors, not only of the petals but the green hues of the stalks. What is particularly delight are the butterflies and bees flying about on this still day that makes the viewer of the field fall in a state of tranquility. The thought arises of how blessed they are to have a special communion with nature. Enthusiasm opens us to see more because we relish the good feeling of the moment, all moments have this possibility. It is our lesson to bring enthusiasm into all aspects of what we are doing.

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