The McDonald’s Law

The McDonald’s Law And Emotional Transformation

By Bart Sharp

In the terms of emotional transformation in body consciousness, the more we are positively connected with others and have less resistance to them we have a greater growth within ourselves. It is much like the popular notion of “The McDonald’s Law”. This concept states, any country that has McDonald’s restaurant in it does not go to war with another country that has a McDonald’s. McDonald’s in this scenario represents that the nation is industrialized and developed, it sees its economy too precious to risk with war with another country that it could be potentially trading with. These countries have dropped their defenses and wall to each other so an opened, safe interaction can occur.

Our body consciousness and emotional transformation is much like the McDonald’s Law but in an emotional context. If we are able to have a clear communication and resolution with everybody we interact with, we are emotionally healthier and more productive. We feel better when we are not holding onto or repressing a conflict with each person we have a resentment towards creating an energetic or emotional wall inside of us. Those walls require us to spend part of our innate power or energy to supply them and those emotions will guide us back to negative thoughts until we resolve the relationship. Having resistance, repressed anger or resentment towards another is not energetically efficient as we spend energy on something that does not serve our growth.

The efficiency of our life and emotional well-being is too precious to waste therefore whatever we are upset about it is best to resolve it. Then the energy within us flows easily to another person. With some simple tools we can learn to keep our relationships clean and open to better possibilities.
If we have something that is uncomfortable and not working in relationship we need to first ask, “What am I upset about?” Find out what makes you uncomfortable with the situation with the person.
Second ask, “What are they doing to create this?”
Third ask, “What is my part of this creation?”

The real work in this equation is dealing with the third part, finding out how we are triggered in this relationship. Usually when we find that part we can deal with the rest of it quite easily. This is the part where our unconscious brings out something inside of us that becomes conflictual with another person. Each conflict we have we have an opportunity to break down another wall and have an easier flowing life and the body consciousness within us transforms in more powerful ways. There will be a certain flow in us when we have resolution to to open to emotional transformation.

We have her own individual version of The McDonald’s Law, we can have an easier exchange and cooperation with everyone when we recognize and claim responsibility for our part in relationships. Blame rarely works in this world but only perpetuates conflict. Self honesty will always take us to greater understanding of ourselves that will lead us to better relationships in the path of emotional transformation.

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