The Magical Powers Of Play

The Magical Powers Of Play
By Bart Sharp author of “Magic Speaks”

magical powers
magical powers

The Magical powers of play changes not only our enjoyment of life but contributes to others areas of life such as work, relationships and personal development. Play is one of the most powerful tools we have in becoming a magical person, our ability to play and be playful as our state of being changes many aspects of our life. As an adult, play has qualities like a child but we may not be playing the same games that we did in childhood. Play as a magical tool is something that can help us have more creativity, productivity and a better quality of life. Something shifts in us when we play because we are generally laughing on the outside or within ourselves which shakes our spirit up and in many cases helps release what needs to be let go of.

The power of play is about learning how we can have enthusiasm in our everyday lives. It may be that we enjoy adult forms of play like sports, conversations, art, games, sex and many more things. Some of these activities seem to bring out something of our inner child, we relax into ourselves and possibilities seem to emerge inside of us. An important quality of anything we do as play is, “Do we generate more energy and enthusiasm when we do this form of play?”

Expansion is what we are looking for in maximizing the power of play, a certain intensity comes about that our senses are more in tune and the energies stimulated seem to extend out into the ethereal parts of our bodies. We become energetically stronger when we have this form of play.

When I play badminton with a group of friends not only are we having fun with the racket skills and exercise of badminton but we are making jokes, laughing and striving to be better badminton players. It is a competitive style of play yet at the same time it extends something in us and at the end of the playing time we may be physically tired but something inside of this is stimulated and energized. It actually expands my energetic fields when such joy is experienced.

Just like making love can be very energetically expansive. Afterwards we feel a vibration inside of us that feels profoundly light and emanates out of us. Play can also be painting a picture and falling into a zone of creativity where a synchronicity between the art and the person merge. There is a communion between the art piece and the person that is created and the artist amplifies their own aliveness. Whenever we create something like the magnitude of these activities it generates a magical energy within and outside of us that contributes to whatever to the creation and transfers to other aspects of our life. It is a magical synergy that adds to our dreams and ambitions, so play may help our professional life as it balances the intellectual work ethic with something loving and positive.

Finding your form of play is important and is often difficult for some people to learn to play as adults. The important things to look for is, what is easy and energizing for you to do that feels good after you do it. Play should be a turn on that makes us feel bigger and a better person. Some people find conversations at parties to be a form of play while others they are trying to survive it. Others find designing a flower arrangement highly stimulating. The more we are able to recognize what we do in play the more the benefits and magic of it will appear in various aspects of our life. It will occur more as if announcing it to her own consciousness places the seeds of magic to occur in our lives. Entertainment is not play, we are a passive participant, we may watch a funny show but play has ingredients of creativity, interaction, unpredictability and spontaneity that watching something like a movie will not do for us. The magical powers of play are something we development and find how much more interesting we are because we choose to play more.
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