The Magical Power Of Needlessness

The Magical Power Of Needlessness

Magical Power
Magical Power

By Bart Sharp

Our magical power to attract our dreams has a component called needlessness.

The word “need” means to want or lack. When we say I need ______ in my life we’re basically saying that we lack it. Therefore we are less likely to attract anything we feel we lack. To attract best the state we are already fulfilled is the optimum place thus our magical powers of attraction work best.

The state of needlessness is a great magical power because we are living in the state that we no longer lack, we are full inside of ourselves. Whatever we feel complete or whole in, it becomes our reality to no longer push forward or forcibly move in our lives to make it happen, there comes with a certain ease because we are already complete in it. These particular aspects of life gravitate to us much easier because we are in the state of needlessness with them. What we consciously and unconsciously possess within us influences how we attract are not attracted our lives therefore if we feel we are lacking and desire to have it it will require more from us in order to achieve it.

The magical power of needlessness helps us create that ease. The real question is, “How do we get to a magical state of needlessness?” First step is choose not to have anxiety about what you wish to create instead be in a more questioning curiosity of how you can create it. Look at it like play, never buy into anxiety experiencing because you are having difficulty with something.

The second step in creating the magical power of needlessness is exploring what makes you feel lacking or anxious when you think about creating something. Finding out where we have been resistant in our beliefs is crucial. For example, I know a person who always believes that he is only to get by or struggle financially in life, he cannot have too much success because his life is designed that way. It comes from a belief that he does not deserve ease in receiving. For this person to go beyond this self created limitation he has to explore beliefs of why he believes he should struggle.These beliefs most likely came from beliefs he learned from his parents.

It is not natural for human to have an imposed limitation such as I will always struggle. There sometimes that we do struggle and other times we do not. Sometimes it is recognizing that the struggle is a lesson just as the times of ease need to be recognized as a gift to be grateful for. This brings us to the third concept of needlessness, we can always turn around our predicaments to something positive, great creators or magical types always do this if they are always looking for the silver lining behind any dark cloud. Our lessons are our gifts and the more we prosper from learning we feel like we have no more needs because we have it all inside of us through our lessons learned thus we are in the magical power of needlessness.

So keep looking for that ray of sunshine when times are dark, it is not a matter of us deserving or not deserving it, it is a matter of whether we see the gift before us that matters.

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