The Magical Living Paradigm

The Magical Living Paradigm

Spiral clock with rainbow and deep space background
Spiral clock with rainbow and deep space background

By Bart Sharp

Magical living occurs more dynamically when we enjoy everyone’s victories having no jealousy or anger towards others accomplishments. If we feel someone or their creations are destructive we can still have allowance of it and choose something else for us thus maintaining a more magical perspective to life. If we are angry at others with a resistance to their worlds we diminish our magical living.

We work, play and evolve for the glory and success of humankind. When we are in unity with others, we are stronger.

Bless your brothers and sisters; create expansive plans that work for everybody. Build magical creations that will benefit everyone in some way while you fulfill your own visions. You do not have to always do things for others or society but in creating your dreams you maintain in your attitude that you create/work in the spirit of something greater than yourself. Even painting a picture can lighten another’s heart so therefore it serves in some way.

We create a better reality together than separately. When we open the ideal that everyone wins, then the magic of ease is more prevailing because we are working in a spirit of cooperation instead of self-interest.

In win/lose creations we can become addicted to the anxiety of it.
We can fall in love with the gamble of it, the challenge.
Our adrenal glands will burn with life and then become overstressed through time, as no one can hold that kind of intensity forever.

A price is exacted in someway for a competitive, selfish way of participating in life. In this belief, someone will lose if another wins. Therefore, progress is often neutralized.

Like the old saying, “Do what you will, but harm no one.” We have a vast array of choices how to play with the one boundary it should not cause anyone else hurt, belittlement, losing, suffering etc… When someone loses we all suffer in a way because we are all connected.

How do we begin living beyond such a limiting belief system? Always consider how your actions affect others and act in a perspective we can create something that not only works for us but facilitates others in some way as well. We live in the bigger picture and something will flourish as a result.

Magic is an ease and joy where a negative price is not exacted from us in order to have our dreams. Believing we deserve such joy begins in acting from your own heart and soul. It will feel naturally good. Still, we may have to work at it but the labor has purpose.

It feels even better when we hope others will benefit from our prosperity and evolution. We are really not alone in anything we do.

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