The Magical Life Or The Addictive Mind

The Magical Life Or The Addictive Mind

Magical Life
Magical Life

By Bart Sharp

A magical life requires us to learn beyond our routine so the addictive mind is placed in the back of our awareness.

Our brain is most likely the most complex instrument on this planet. Yet in all the diversity that the brain can function as it has a tendency to guide its neural pathways of information into the same routines. The addictive mind wants to simplify so therefore when we interact with our normal day of seeing the same things the mind will routinely guide us on what is important to see and what can be ignored.

The brain or the addictive mind just wants us to have a form of efficiency therefore it is always canceling out all kinds of information that is in our environment.

This may be considered handy by some but for those who are seeking a more magical life it is best that our brain not follow down predictable routines, that it is constantly given this information of our surroundings. For the person who is seeking a more magical life is more awareness. Awareness is essential to manifesting more magical life because the more we perceive the more consciousness we grow into. The more we are a higher conscious being in more of a perceptive mode we began to perceive way beyond what others are seeing. We are not only taking in information of what our vision does but we are actively engaged beyond our own five senses. We feel life around us as it registers in the cellular structures of our body.

For example, if we walk into a building with our eyes closed we will be able to sense the vibration of the collective consciousness of the people there. They may be all nervously working away on a project or in a silent meditation. When our mind and body are are in a practiced attunement they will not need to see and hear in order to assess the situation. Information will come from a different source, it will be from within us as a whole body consciousness. It is more of a spacial awareness of something with us.

In order to get our brain to begin functioning with such expanded intuition that will create a magical life we may have to start training our brain to step out of its predictable habits and into a more great wide open perceptive mode. So as we go about our day it is important to start looking at the world differently, not only looking at it differently but feeling your surroundings. As you walk into different environments practice perceiving what the vibration of the area feels like. Your living room will feel one-way, your grocery store another and the forest will be totally different than either. For each moment we practice feeling sensations around us we teach our mind and body to work together and see so much more.

What this does in creating our own magical life and dreams is, the more we live in expanded form the more the space our own personal power within us grows. The more the space inside our body and mind is attuned to a higher perceptual awareness it will have more power to create a magical life for us. Just like if we are narrowed through addictions and continual repetitive thought patterns we will only create from this lesser perspective.

So it is good to step out of routines, have a wide variety of leisure activities, look for new experiences, have stimulating conversations, and always seek to perceive this much is possible using all of your mind and body to facilitate this growing awareness. Most importantly, to be willing to look at life differently.

Just think about how we create our rewards in life. Do we gravitate to the same predictable rewards such as, video-game time, a candy bar or television? Thus activating the addictive mind. Or do we open ourselves up to something different to learn how to enjoy the edge of awareness that does not know what the next incident will do therefore it has to be completely turned on and tuned in to the moment. This kind of atmosphere creates a magical life.

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