The Magical Ingredient

The Magical Ingredient
By Bart Sharp author of “Magic Speaks”

magical ingredient
magical ingredient

There is something within all of us that is a special or magical ingredient, when we use it we create in the most phenomenal ways. We can choose where we want to use it and when we want to use it in and it enhances our ability to create in a magical way. This special magical ingredient is our intention.

Our intention is an invisible energy of our consciousness that we can apply in a variety of ways, wherever we place it we energetically create from that location. For example, if we were having a conversation with someone and wanted to have a heartfelt communication we could place our intention in our heart and the whole effect of what we are communicating changes. We will not be talking from our mind or ego when we place our intention in our heart but will talk and more importantly listen from a place that is more heartfelt.

The intention can be in a variety of places and if we are wanting to be totally present with somebody it might be a good idea to place our intention in the space between our hips or second chakra because we would be more grounded and present.

When our intention is in our second chakra we are also in a place of our being, a state of awareness that magnifies our own personal power, sexuality, creativity, vitality and more. Therefore if we are creating something such as a business it would be a good idea to keep our intention in the second chakra. Just as if we were performing and wanted to be seen as more of a charismatic and even sexually charismatic person placing our intention on the second chakra would help make that happen.

There a lot of applications in placing our intention in certain areas of our body and what one of the best gifts it gives us is it takes us out of our thinking mind. We operate from a bigger picture for greater consciousness when we are aware of our intention as it gives us an added power in whatever we are doing. It is a form of body consciousness that is connecting our body to what we would like to create in our projects. Placing our intention in a location puts the mind in the back seat and a greater power of our body consciousness in the forefront so a balance of greater awareness with the body/mind occurs.

Some examples, if we were writing a book it might be good to place our intention in the heart with the focus of having an inspired heart while we write but we could also be focusing on the throat chakra which would be about expression but also accessing knowledge for something to be expressed.

One of the most important questions a person may ask if they are uncertain of where they should place their intention is to play with the concept. See how it feels when your intention is in the second chakra or when the intention is in the heart chakra. How does the quality of your proactive creations occur? Through practice you will see a difference and you will begin to learn the great opportunities that placing your intention creates for you.
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