The Magic Of Holistic Awareness

The Magic Of Holistic Awareness
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By Bart Sharp

Magic works best when we flow with all and all of life. Magic includes more than what we think but our thoughts guide us to either including more magical happenings or shutting down the magic in our life.

Why does magic work best when it is a win for all?
Because a positive power is generated in harmony,
a fluid feeling of something affirming occurring between two or more people.

Their energies multiply in their unity and there is less resistance.
As magicians we are stronger because the space within us is actively connected with others and more facets of life.
This is creating a reality we are connected to everything to perceive the world more fully.
To do so we judge or resist none of it but learn what every aspect of life has to offer to you.
When we are able to integrate all possible information into us it becomes a part of our energetic being, our internal power and leads us to the knowledge we need for the situations of our life. Include everyone and everything into your world, you are telling your consciousness you function from wholeness.

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