The Lesson That Sold Me, of Body Consciousness

The Lesson That Sold Me, of Body Consciousness

By Bart Sharp

body consciousness

One of my metaphysical, body consciousness, teachers said, “When you die, you become infinite.” It was the first time I had heard this concept. I was intrigued and responded in a smartass attitude, “Why don’t we all die?”

The teacher responded, “Bart, imagine what it would be like to be alive and infinite? What would it feel like to be live life, eat, play, have sex, be in nature as an infinite being? What pleasure and heighten states could a person who actually experience? To me that would really be fun.”

In that moment, I got it and the inspiration is still with me today. A desire to experience life in state of higher awareness drives me to become more. It is not from a place of being more powerful, having more money, more friends, but a curiosity of what will the next stage of awareness be like. With each emotion cleared, new energetic consciousness mastered, and fear detached from; a state of being of more conscious shows up. More self-love, love for others, connection with higher power and communion with all energies becomes greater inside me. I progress; more in the path of being more infinite. This is so great about living in this world, higher level of consciousness creates a perspective to let us perceive a greater joy about the world because we are the joy.

It is amazing to me why people still choose to live in intense fears, anger, addictions, when they could direct their attention to their own reality of paradise. Becoming more in our Body Consciousness creates more inner joy, a muscle we can all develop

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