The Language Of Our Body Consciousness Opens Our Psychic Abilities

The Language Of Our Body Consciousness Opens Our Psychic Abilities

By Bart Sharp

From Bart’s upcoming book, “Body Consciousness”

To access the infinite knowledge of our body consciousness it is easy as becoming adept at muscle testing. Muscle testing is an entry point into a greater communication. Like many I found Applied Kinesology or muscle testing a great way to get answers. In my experience in the Access Consciousness community I learned the body is always giving us signals serving similar to muscle testing. I found it to be quicker than muscle testing and just as efficient.

As I did energetic clearings from Access and continued to use this “signaling” technique I found I was opening to a whole new world of perceptions. For example, as I worked on repressed anger I could perceive what the energy or visceral sensations of anger felt like in my body as I relived my past experiences. I not only worked with anger but other core emotions such as: fear, shame, sadness, guilt, rage and hatred. They all felt different, I realized I was learning a language and when I perceived them in other people the emotional sensations were similar to my own body’s feelings.

I expanded to learning what vibrations of trees and the earth felt like spending time to explore their profound energies through meditations in nature. It was only the beginning as I opened to learning what energies of common things were vibrating such as a computer, my home or automobiles. They all had a certain signature.

It was as easy as requesting for a type of consciousness to activate, focusing on the subject through a meditative state and the energetic sensations would show-up. I found connecting to higher evolve beings like Buddha, Christ Consciousness, the core of the earth, the universal vibration of love expanded the consciousness of my body as it acclimated to a higher resonance.

I was approaching greater consciousness in two strategies; clearing emotional based limitations and expanding into higher vibrations as a daily routine. I felt as if I was on the fast track to becoming more aware.

Even abstract concepts such as prosperity, wealth and lack were energies I was able to comprehend. I found the more I embodied prosperous vibrations the more I attracted money more easily. The more I embodied energies I wanted to attract the more they appeared in my life.

Over the years as I practiced these tools the more of what I focus on the more the talents grow in those areas. For me, I specialize in helping people release emotional issues and my abilities have grown greatly. Now as people tell me a small portion of their story I can feel the abuse, or their parents negative voices or how they felt belittled from the experience.

I have a chiropractor friend who uses muscle testing to determine spinal mis-alignments. He shared after numerous years of muscle testing he can perceive the responses of the muscle testing before it occurs. In other words he can feel where a person is misaligned when they lay on the table as his awareness has become so finely tuned to seeing spinal problems, a greater knowing arises to guide him.

Our body has an infinite knowing and through knowing how our body uses its own form of communication to tell us we can access this clarity to guide our life. It is simply a more sophisticated modality than verbal language and we can learn its immense vocabulary.

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