The Inner Magic

The Inner Magic of Our Magic Cauldron

inner magic
inner magic

By Bart Sharp

We have an inner source of magic that begins inside of us. Inner magic always is inside of us.

A great ideal or dream is a point of view we can grow and guide in a direction until it is ready to take into action to fulfill. It begins as an inner design and when ready it grows outside of us into application.

On the inner side of our body space we ask for the components and circumstances to come to us that will facilitate a dream to be realized. Somewhere in our unconsciousness and consciousness we have the ideals for this dream but they may not ready to appear. We have the dream ready but the reality of it appearing has yet arise. The parts will come together in their own time and the direction will appear to us. We wait and listen for the right time.

From there, opportunities will always arise if we are paying attention, then we can seize the moment and take the internal impetus outwards into the world of action. If we miss the opportunity, somehow it will reveal itself later in a different way, we simply need to percolate our inner listening to hear when the time is right.
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