The Higher Path With Anger

The Higher Path With Anger
By Bart Sharp

How can we use anger in a way that serves us and others, in an expansive way? Anger is a part of being human, an energy to take action. Can we take action with all of our energy in the present moment with no emotions from our past contributing making the expression distorted with past issues. If we are in a fully present state with anger, we know exactly how much anger is needed to be expressed to serve the situation. There is not an extra punch of anger to take control, a traumatic effect, or over-reaction because it requires extra effort to push the anger up so it is present.

The expresser of anger is detached from the situation, they are present and calm within them selves in some way delivering what is necessary. If there are no elements of fear attached to the anger; only present-tense anger is active, the expresser has an awareness of other people, of how much is required to serve the situation. Why bite when a growl does the job and maintains dignity for all.

In many ways anger gets a bad rap, so many people live in extremes with anger as either: undesirable, to be avoided or are on the other end, addicted to process of it and the sense of control over others, it gives them. As opposed to, we all have a right to have it, express it and should be evaluated when we use with the question, “How did it make the people involved feel? How did it serve them? Was I totally present in this expression?

When we are able to receive our ability to have the power of anger in a balanced way, we are receiving us. The person who has transformed from repressed anger; begins to get in touch with their own power, sexual energy and creative expression. The aggressive, transformed person learns compassion and empathy for others, they learn to love all in a more expanded way, including them selves. They receive their own heart’s awareness.

Learning how to be honest with anger teaches us how we can be direct in all of our own expressions, we can channel more of the power of us into the moment and in our creations. We no longer are fighting against personal issues but can transfer those distracting ways of being into something proactive and more efficient.

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