The Heroes Journey

The Heroes Journey

By Bart Sharp

Part of the passage from a normal mundane life to relishing the specialness in yourself is completing your heroes journey. The heroes journey may not be something like Indiana Jones accomplishments but is something of a personal achievement. It is a courageous journey even if you are not using a gun and a whip to defeat your enemies.

The heroes journey can be something of a personal achievement, something of personal growth or accomplishing a specific goal. The most important aspect is the accomplish getting a college education because our parents wanted us to as opposed to finding a subject we love and jumped into the rigors of learning all we could while completing the degree. In this context, we have achieved hero’s journeys.

How do we acknowledge we have accomplished the heroes journey?

The heroes journey is something we can only define ourselves. There are a variety of ways to accomplish it such as:
Someone who was destitute and then decided to create an Internet business that enabled him to become a millionaire might consider he accomplished a hero’s journey.
They could be somebody working as a schoolteacher in a very tough school, they did not have the inner tools in the beginning stages of their job but somehow became a great teacher.
It could be somebody that was addicted to drugs, found sobriety and then went on a fearless journey to evolve to a higher state of love.
It can be someone who becomes a master of a profession or skill that is meaningful to them and takes them to a greater consciousness.
These are a few examples of people going beyond normal expectations and finding a personal accomplishment beyond their normal life. What is great for someone might not be the case for another. The heroes journey is a personal best where they achieve something they as an individual is extraordinary.

When we complete a heroes journey something in our aura changes, we feel an inner space inside has transformed into something we’ve never known before, it might be feeling of self-love, light’ness within or a sense of power we have never walked with before. We step into our personal world reborn.

Our personal challenges that have been beset upon us often give us the opportunity to step up and accomplish the heroes journey. For example, someone who is desperately grieving a separation and/or divorce can take this challenge on by seeing what their part is in the failure of the marriage. All the tears they are experiencing can be the greatest teacher to learning what their shortcomings are and then evolve from them. When they have learned the lessons there will be a certain uplifting in their heart and soul, a peak experience will occur. There will be a new energy coming into them that will feel like a rebirth in some way. They had the courage to face their own shortcomings and come over to the other side. This is an example of a heroes journey. Sometimes our personal challenges lead us to some of our greatest victories.

When we are faced with challenges it is not advisable to blame others or define situation as terrible or awful. It is the time to see what the challenge offers to us. It is a time to take our worst feelings or challenges into a journey to find out what the situation can offer us.

We see these type of stories in movies all the time and they are very much the same in our own personal lives, the victories we achieve are very real and joyful as if something is complete in ourselves. The completion of the heroes journey will always have an internal feeling of joy. We will fill ourselves with something dynamically special for that period of time, as we have learned something about ourselves that is very valuable that will take us to the next step in life. We can also have more than one heroes journey in this lifetime.

Whatever pain we are experiencing we begin the journey by taking the next step forward. We go one progression at a time with our attention on what is next in our growth, we will discover our heroes journey if we stay true to our path. The rewards are irreplaceable.

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