The Hardness Of Judging

The Hardness Of Judging
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By Bart Sharp

Energetically speaking, judging is much heavier point of view than an observation. The next time that you judge someone look inside yourself and perceive how it feels. You may feel a density, heaviness within or feel you presence start to go outside you. An observation is always lighter and feels secure within.

If you judge another does it effect them? Yes. We all feel it at some level, some are quite clear about it others do not get it at all. At some level people do receive it and it effects them.

When we do judge another there is a place in us resonating with the judgment. It can be quite energizing. It is why so many enjoy watching reality TV talk shows, or controversial television shows it is designed for you to judge and become charged by it. It is a subtle addiction that keeps our adrenal glands stimulated, an addiction to crises. This is one example of how many our cultures are hooked into this kind of mindset.

When we begin the process of non-judgment in our interactions and observations we begin to detach from the reality that most function in. It is easier said than done. Of course the person that is hardest not to judge is yourself.

It is a process to live a life of non-judgment on our path to greater consciousness and emotional transformation. It is a process as judgments are subtle and we will find ourselves judging something and not realize it until we are in it.

One great rule of thumb is, “Whatever you judge in another, you have already done it before in some way or judged yourself along the same lines.” In any judgment, resentment, fear, it always comes back to the question of how we created it within us beforehand. It is a simple concept but immensely complex in its applications and as we live in non-judgment our emotional transformation soars

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