The Gifts Of Negative Emotions

dandylionThe Gifts Of Negative Emotions

By Bart Sharp

Being in the space of unconditional love in every aspect of our life is what many of us are seeking. If we could live in a place of non-judgment and unconditional love we would most likely step into a consciousness that some say is 4th dimension reality, it is hard to conceptualize what this higher state actually is. To get there is a process of living in the highest state of non-judging, unconditional love however people often misconstrue the path of emotional

transformation to getting there as a process of avoiding, destroying and not addressing our negative emotions. Our emotional transformation will not evolve in a soul or body consciousness quickly with this strategy.

Our negative emotions have just as an important role to play than living in an awareness of unconditional love as our path to emotional transformation and enlightenment. In order to live in a higher form of consciousness we have to see how we are living in our limitations. Being in a state of unconditional love is more than a choice we need to learn lessons limitations present to us otherwise they will continue to emerge and be a force to be recognized until the message they have is received and resolved. When the lessons are learned, unconditional love becomes an easier state as normal state of body consciousness.

Negative ‘action oriented emotions’ have a very important purpose, they bring us back to what we have yet to learn. Emotions such as fear or anger stimulate us to ‘take action’ and in that impetus we have a choice to find the awareness the emotions came from and learn from them. Or the “other choice” is to react to them, believe they are the true path we must follow. For example if we are in fear of being abandoned, we may follow the fears and try to create relationships with people in an almost desperate kind of way in the hopes that people will love us and they will not leave us. If we look deeply into the fear we could see where those abandonment issues began, have a relationship with the fear based memories and address them with love and allowance. With us as the parent we begin developing a pattern of loving our fear and in time it will change to a love based perspective.

‘Contracting emotions’ of shame and sadness will take us to an inward spiral of isolation into a slowed down perspective. We feel smaller in ourselves and have a tendency to be in the low cycle. The ‘low time’ is not to have a reaction such as fear or anger as the motivating force to pull us out of sadness or shame. Instead it is a time to allow the emotion and reflect. Once again, we learn what the emotion or the situation that created the emotion has to teach us removed out of it to a place of loving ourselves. The lowest of lows can be a springboard into the highest of highs of unconditional love. Discovering how we created these defects of character and living in them deeply begins to show us perspective of what lessons we need to learn then we can move on to the great emotional transformations of unconditional love. If we avoid the low by taking actions, or other strategies (addictive behaviors) the sadness or shame will be repressed only to return later in a more profound force.

Negative emotions serve a purpose, they are only there to show us the information we have not already turned into love and unconditional acceptance of ourselves. So the more that we see that something like fear drives us we can work in cooperation with it and ask to perceive the messages it has with curiosity and enthusiasm. There is nothing to fear about fear, anger, sadness or shame they are a natural part of our process of learning to a greater body consciousness. So when one of these emotions show up with a everyday conflict stimulating it we have to go into the perspective of, “What am I creating here that I can now begin the process of learning from and releasing?”

When there is nothing to fear of our negative emotions we begin to receive clarity of them in ways we have never known before. Our judgments and resistances to their limitations are replaced with a relationship with our negative messages so we resolve some of the biggest blocks quickly in our own emotional transformation. An easier flow in file and body consciousness becomes us.

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