The Gift Of Emotional Pain In Body Consciousness

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The “Bottom Dwellers” Of Emotional Pain In Body Consciousness

By Bart Sharp

In Body Consciousness and emotional transformation everyone does not start out on equal footing in this world. Some people are lucky enough to have stable, loving families to help create safety and security in their childhood. While there are others who are the exact opposite with families who are unloving and abusive. We cannot try to understand why this is so, we are where we are in this situation beyond logic.

For the person who experienced a painful childhood and carried it into adulthood they are challenged with overcoming their own internal suffering. Maybe on a karmic level they chose this challenging childhood because if they started their life in such a low place and then rose to such a high vibrational state, it would be a great interpersonal victory.

The tendencies for someone who has suffered with such pain is to use some form of anesthesia to not feel themselves. It is part of the risk of choosing a problem family. However, there are those who did not fall into the pitfalls of addiction while struggling through the challenges of a traumatized life but strived to be better people.

This group is most interesting because somewhere in the process they found tools to use in order not to be taken down by the victimization of abuse or neglect. For those who have lived in the lowest of lows it is easy to fall down that path of addictions, it is almost a knee-jerk reaction to want to not feel the pain in either a substance or behavior becomes the crutch.

Those who found some sort of tool that worked for them, they began to see their progress in dissolving their emotional pain. To be able to overcome something that is been a wall of resistance in their lives can feel ecstatic when emotional victories are accomplished. When these people find something that works it is likely they do not stop once they reach the first level of greater security and comfort. It is almost the opposite of addiction because the feeling of success in emotional transformation feels so good the person strives to find the next level of joy.

This group, I nicknamed “bottom dwellers” because they begin their life in the lowest hierarchies in their families or some kind of extreme emotional challenges. Once they begin to rise a passion emerges and they wish to go and see what is on the other extreme of being on the bottom. These people have a potential of reaching a much higher level of consciousness somewhere down the line in their adult years because they know what the bottom feels like as well as the success of ascending.

For those with normal, loving childhoods. These people may not challenge themselves because they do not have the demands that emotional pain places on somebody. They may achieve happy marriages, good jobs and abundance fairly easily yet the karmic advancement may not be so much as somebody who has risen from the bottom to the much higher vibration.

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